How much does it cost to use 3D C-arms once ?


Three-dimensional C-arm is a c-arm x-ray machine with 3D imaging function, which can obtain three-dimensional reconstruction in real time during surgery, applicable to orthopedics, spine surgery, orthopedic orthopedics, trauma orthopedics and operating room, etc., which can greatly improve the level of surgery and reduce the probability of surgical risks and complications.

For some complex orthopedic surgery, doctors will recommend the use of “3D C-arm” to operate, but this will obviously increase the cost of surgery. So how much does it cost to use a 3D C-arm? This is a question that many surgical patients and their families are concerned about.

First of all, there is no standard price for the use of 3D C-arms, but rather the “medical service charge standard” prevails.

Developed areas of large hospitals, three-dimensional C-arm equipment of high grade, the standard charges are also high.

Township hospitals in underdeveloped areas have low-grade 3D C-arm equipment and charge relatively low fees.

Doctors use 3D C-arm to do surgery

Secondly, the price of 3D C-arm, some hospitals are in accordance with the number of times to calculate, some are in accordance with the use of time charges, the following share a few examples.

A hospital in Shanghai, the use of 3D c-arm orthopedic navigator a time 500 yuan;

A hospital in Chongqing, the use of 3D digital C-arm guidance positioning hourly charge of 300 yuan.

A hospital in Beijing, 3D C-arm with a 585 yuan.

Finally summarized, three-dimensional C-arm with a price of more than 500 yuan, according to the length of the charge is about 300 yuan per hour.


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