How Orthopaedic Surgical Robots Are Clinically Trained?


In the modern medical system, high-precision orthopedic surgery is increasingly becoming the norm, which cannot be separated from the support of advanced medical equipment. Orthopaedic surgery robot as the core equipment, plays an increasingly important role in favor of patients to enjoy more accurate, minimally invasive, safe and intelligent treatment technology. So, is there any clinical training center for orthopedic surgical robots in China?

As a professional medical imaging enterprise in China, P&A Medical has been deeply engaged in the field of medical imaging for more than 20 years, and has provided high-quality imaging products and services for many medical institutions at home and abroad. In order to promote learning, communication and sharing among doctors, and at the same time promote the better combination of new technologies and ideas with clinical medicine, Perlove Medical has developed the Orthopaedic Surgical Robot Clinical Training Center.

Orthopaedic Surgical Robot Clinical Training Center of Perlove Medical Technology

The percutaneous nailing technique in spinal orthopedics is like operating in a hard dark box, which often requires multiple X-ray fluoroscopies during the operation, long operation time and many complications for patients. In the past, such a surgery requires an experienced doctor to operate, the doctor can only rely on experience and sense of touch, and often need to use X-ray to see the bone in the intraoperative fluoroscopy. PUMA Orthopaedic Surgical Robot has a “see-through eye”, which can accurately locate the bone in deep three-dimensional space, transforming the virtual surgical plan into a realistic spatial position, making the surgical path more precise and error-free. The robot can accurately calculate the length, width, and angle of the screw into the bone, with an accuracy of 0.7 millimeters.

Nowadays, the precise cooperation between man and machine has cracked the problems of the human eye not being able to see the internal structure, the stability of the human hand and the lack of operational precision when playing screws, so that difficult orthopaedic spine surgery can be realized “visible” and “accurate”, “Stable”.

The establishment of Perlove Orthopaedic Surgical Robotics Clinical Training Center is aimed at improving the academic level and clinical operation ability of orthopaedic surgeons, and helping them to better master and apply surgical robot technology. The center invited a team of experts with rich experience in the use of surgical robots, who not only analyzed the development trend of robotic technology, but also shared a large number of clinical cases, so that the trainees could intuitively understand the value of surgical robots in clinical application.

In order to let the trainees fully grasp the application of orthopedic surgical robots, PU AI Medical Orthopedic Surgical Robot Clinical Training Center has set up a variety of courses such as theoretical lectures, hospital observation and robotic practice. Through the method of “hospital scientific research training + special class special enhancement”, the training center is committed to cultivating a group of forward-looking and innovative medical talents for the medical industry.

Theory Lecture

Hospital Observation

Practical exercises

In the hands-on session, the trainees have the opportunity to experience the operation process of Perlove medical orthopedic surgical robot, so as to feel the advantages of its application in actual surgery. This all-round teaching method from theory to practice not only deepens the trainees’ understanding of the technology, but also greatly improves their operating skills and self-confidence.

The Orthopaedic Surgery Robotics Clinical Training Center was rich in content, and the trainees expressed their great benefits: “We experienced the qualitative leap brought by Perlove medical robots to orthopaedic surgeries, and felt the brilliant achievements made by the domestic ZhiZhuang in the research and development of intelligent medical equipments. The orthopedic surgery robot system will help the domestic first-line doctors to bring the gospel to orthopedic patients!”

Advanced medical equipment is an important foundation for the construction of a healthy China and a strong manufacturing country. The success of Perlove Medical Orthopaedic Surgical Robot Clinical Training Center not only provides a platform for orthopaedic surgeons to learn and apply new technologies, but also contributes to promoting the further development of medical technology in China. Through such professional training, more doctors will be able to utilize the surgical robot to perform more precise and efficient surgical operations, which will ultimately benefit the majority of patients. In China, with the gradual increase of similar training centers, the quality and efficiency of orthopedic surgery is expected to be comprehensively improved in the future.


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