How to buy an orthopedic surgery robot?


In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, surgical robots have been widely used in the medical field. In the field of orthopedic surgery, orthopedic surgery robots make the surgery more minimally invasive, precise and intelligent. Perlove Medical is an enterprise focusing on the research and development of medical X-ray imaging equipment + orthopedic surgery robot and related technological innovation.

Orthopedic surgery robot + flat 3D C-arm

As a representative of national medical enterprise, Perlove Medical has been deeply engaged in the orthopedic field for 20 years and is the first domestic manufacturer of the whole process solution of “orthopedic surgery robot + flat 3D C-arm“, which can realize automatic registration and alignment with the help of integrated adaptive alignment technology, and its accuracy is not affected by image quality. Its clinical accuracy is sub-millimeter (0.7mm), which has the advantage of high positioning accuracy and small surgical incision compared to traditional surgery.

Today, there are several orthopedic surgical robots approved for the market, and a price war in the field of surgical robots has been started between brand companies. So how much do hospitals pay for orthopedic surgery robots?

The price of orthopedic surgery robots varies depending on the brand, quality, model and function. At present, the price of imported orthopedic surgery robots is up to more than 20 million yuan, and the price of domestic ones is about 15 million yuan, which includes the cost of equipment hardware and daily maintenance.

How to buy an orthopedic surgery robot?

Before purchasing an orthopedic surgical robot, you need to consider the features and configuration of the surgical robot. The features and configuration of the surgical robot will also affect its price. The price of a surgical robot with powerful features and high-end configuration will naturally be relatively high. Also, when purchasing a surgical robot, you need to consider the cost of additional equipment, such as surgical robotic systems, surgical beds, surgical follow-up tables, surgical instruments and consumables, etc., which all cost a certain amount.

In addition, the operating costs of the orthopedic surgical robot should be taken into account. Although the surgical robot can achieve fine surgical operations, it requires a lot of technical support and maintenance, which can also lead to a much higher cost of robot operation than traditional surgery. The human resources required, technical training, equipment maintenance, etc. all need to be invested.

For the price of orthopedic surgery robots, we need to analyze the product from its essence, combining factors such as brand, model, function, configuration and operating cost. When buying a surgical robot, you need to make a comprehensive consideration based on your own needs, financial situation and other factors. Of course, brand and quality are important selection criteria when choosing a surgical robot, and one can check certain market quotes or refer to multiple experiences and practical applications to make the final decision.

In conclusion, for the purchase and use of orthopedic surgical robots, various factors need to be carefully considered. Regardless of the price, orthopedic surgical robots are a major trend in the modern medical industry, and the application of surgical robotics can help improve surgical efficiency and safety, as well as help patients recover sooner.


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