How to choose the right X-ray equipment type?


Fixed X-ray Apparatus

This type requires transformers of such size and output that they have to be built into the room and provided with special electrical connections to the mains.

Portable-X-ray Apparatus

Portable X-ray has been a handy tool for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients in the intensive care units, in prisons, or in nursing homes, where transfer to the radiology department may be a hindrance. This equipment is good for low volume or startup facilities with tiny space. There’s no lead shielding needed in the walls and the transformers are of small size and low weight. Portable X-ray systems can be operational with little to no construction costs.

Mobile X-ray Apparatus

One of the latest advancements in Digital Radiography is the rise of mobile digital radiography X-ray systems. These machines allow users to bring the equipment into the rest of the healthcare facility. This provides solution for imaging non-ambulatory patients who cannot make the trip down to the X-ray room and cannot be transported easily. Despite the advantages of portable X-ray machines, the image quality of bedside chest radiograph can be limited. Thanks to mobile X-ray machines, the advantage of bringing the machine to the patient is provided plus these machines have higher outputs than portable machines. It has also larger transformers and mounted on wheels.

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