How to extend the life of C-arm machine?


C-arm is the abbreviation of mobile C-arm X-ray machine, which is widely used in the operating room for its convenience and safety.

As the regulatory authorities are becoming more and more strict in checking the service life of medical devices, the issue of service life of C-arms has become more and more concerned.

According to the Guiding Principles for Technical Review of Active Medical Device Useful Life Registration, the useful life of a medical device refers to the period of time during which the applicant/registrant of a medical device registration can ensure the safe and effective use of the product through risk management, and the product is able to maintain its scope of application within the period of time.

Generally speaking, the service life of C-arm is five years. In actual use, the service life of the C-arm is also related to the environment in which the product is used, the analysis of the expected service life of the product before it is used on the market, and other factors in the process of monitoring and using the product after it is released on the market. During the use of the product, repair, maintenance and care of the product is necessary.

Flat panel detector C-arm

How to extend the life of C-arm equipment? It is suggested that hospitals can start from the following aspects:

First, hospitals should strictly follow national regulations to monitor the life cycle of each C-arm and establish corresponding files to update the equipment in a timely manner to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the equipment.

Second, for the old C-arm equipment, maintenance and repair should be carried out as much as possible so that the equipment can achieve longer-term and more efficient use. At the same time, it is also necessary to actively look for the possibility of upgrading the equipment, which can be realized through cooperation with equipment manufacturers and technical research and development.

Thirdly, hospitals should strengthen the training and management of personnel using C-arm machines, detail the operating procedures and maintenance standards, and ensure that professionals have the appropriate skills and certificates in order to improve the safety and efficiency of the equipment.

Finally, it is worth emphasizing that hospitals should also pay attention to the quality control ability of equipment manufacturers at the beginning of purchasing C-arms. Product quality is the basis for the survival of enterprises, as one of the medical X-ray equipment industry standard-setting units, Plove Medical with an attitude of excellence in strict control of product quality, which specifically set up four major professional laboratories, including the EMC laboratory, environmental laboratories, vibration and collision laboratories, product life cycle labs, and jointly created the perlove brand of medical imaging equipment, durable quality.


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