Innovative use of Perlove Medical’s DSA-type flat-panel medium-sized C-arm in ERCP surgeries


In the modern medical field, ERCP surgery has been widely used as a key means of clinical diagnosis and treatment of biliary and pancreatic diseases. Perlove Medical PLX7100ADSA type flat panel medium-sized C-arm equipment provides powerful technical support for ERCP surgery with its 80% functional application that meets the requirements of large C-arms.

As a minimally invasive procedure, ERCP not only reduces the risk of wound infection, but also has faster recovery and fewer complications, which can significantly shorten the hospitalization time and reduce hospitalization costs. In addition, ERCP has a high diagnostic accuracy for biliary and pancreatic system diseases, and is able to clarify the distribution of common bile duct stones, the location, nature and degree of bile duct stenosis, and the presence of bile duct deformity. What’s more, ERCP also helps in the early detection of jugular cancer.

In this process, DSA-type flat-panel medium-sized C-arm equipment plays a key role. It can cooperate with endoscopes to provide high-definition images and real-time monitoring for ERCP procedures, helping doctors better understand the condition of the lesion site, so as to more accurately choose the treatment method and operation mode.

Photos from the operation

The mobile design of the Perlove Medcial DSA-type flat-panel medium-sized C-arm is another major highlight. The device can be easily moved between different departments without the need for a dedicated machine room and power supply, which greatly improves the efficiency and flexibility of the device’s use. Its bedside controller makes it easy for doctors to control the equipment and adjust parameters, greatly simplifying the surgical operation process. At the same time, the fully electric five-dimensional motion control and SID adjustment function allows doctors to adjust the clarity of the image and the range of vision as needed to adapt to different surgical needs.

Perlove Medcial DSA-type flat-panel medium-sized C-arm equipment not only shows its powerful ability in ERCP surgery, but also provides clinical solutions for gynecology and oncology comprehensive interventional diagnosis and treatment applications according to different clinical application requirements. The whole machine is equipped with convenient workflow and excellent image required by minimally invasive medical workers, which can bring users a brand-new visual impact and comfortable clinical experience.


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