Introduction of 10 Well-known Mobile X Ray Machine Manufacturers & Supplier With Excellent Reputation.


If you’re currently struggling with the purchase of Mobile Digital Radiography Machine and seeking guidance, as a seasoned expert in Mobile DR system field, we are here to introduce a few well-known suppliers and manufacturers to you today. We hope this can bring you some assistance.

1. Perlove Medical

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Perlove Medical is a prominent healthcare company that specializes in providing advanced medical imaging solutions, with a particular focus on digital radiography machines. Their digital radiography machines are at the forefront of technology, incorporating state-of-the-art features and innovations to deliver exceptional imaging quality and diagnostic accuracy.

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Perlove Medical’s digital radiography machines offer numerous advantages over traditional film-based systems. They provide faster image acquisition, immediate image availability, and the ability to enhance and manipulate images for enhanced diagnostic capabilities. With high-resolution detectors and advanced image processing algorithms, these machines enable healthcare professionals to obtain detailed and clear images of anatomical structures.

x ray machine mobile DR PLX5200A 50kW

Mobile Digital Radiography System

x ray machine mobile DR PLX5200A

Mobile Digital Radiography System

x ray machine mobile DR PLX5100

Mobile Digital X Ray Machine

High-Frequency x ray machine mobile DR PLX10

High Frequency Mobile X-ray Equipment

Perlove Medical is committed to meeting the diverse needs of healthcare providers, and their digital radiography machines are designed to optimize workflow efficiency and patient comfort. These machines are user-friendly, equipped with intuitive interfaces and automated positioning systems for streamlined operation. They also offer connectivity options for seamless integration with picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and other healthcare networks.

With Perlove Medical’s digital radiography machines, healthcare professionals can provide accurate and timely diagnoses, leading to improved patient outcomes and enhanced overall healthcare delivery.

2. Philips Healthcare

Philips Healthcare is a leading provider of healthcare solutions, including advanced radiography machines. Their radiography machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for high-quality imaging and accurate diagnoses. With innovative features and advanced image processing algorithms, Philips Healthcare’s radiography machines enable clear visualization of anatomical structures and abnormalities. They are committed to delivering reliable and efficient radiography solutions to healthcare professionals, aiding in the delivery of exceptional patient care.

3. Siemens Healthineers

 Siemens Healthineers is a prominent healthcare company known for its cutting-edge radiography machines. Their radiography machines are at the forefront of technology, offering advanced imaging capabilities and precise diagnostics. Siemens Healthineers is committed to delivering innovative solutions to healthcare professionals, enabling accurate and efficient patient care. With their radiography machines, medical professionals can obtain high-quality images of anatomical structures, facilitating early detection of diseases and effective treatment planning. Siemens Healthineers’ radiography machines are designed to optimize workflow, improve patient outcomes, and enhance overall clinical efficiency.

 4. GE HealthCare

GE Healthcare provides innovative imaging solutions and diagnostic imaging agents for clinical radiologists. These include computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound, molecular imaging, X-rays, mammography, interventional imaging guidance systems, surgical imaging, and radiology IT. Our intelligent products and solutions contribute to faster and easier examination workflows, improved clinical outcomes, and streamlined imaging operations.

5. Mindray

With its extensive research and development, marketing, and service network, Mindray harnesses advanced technologies and translates them into innovative solutions tailored to clinical settings. Mindray is dedicated to making healthcare accessible through their comprehensive range of innovations across the medical industry. Their integrated solutions cater to diverse departments, empowering healthcare providers to enhance efficiency and optimize management. As Mindray continues to grow, they aim to serve an increasing number of medical providers worldwide.


Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd. is fully devoted to delivering, advancing, and manufacturing cutting-edge medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, as well as life science instruments. We also provide intelligent digital solutions to customers across the globe. Our mission at UIH is to enhance customer value and continuously enhance the availability of top-notch medical equipment and services worldwide. We achieve this through extensive partnerships with hospitals, universities, research institutions, and industry collaborators.

7. WDM 

Headquartering in High-Tech industrial park in Bejing, Wandong owns two production bases in Beijing and Suzhou, the healthcare business covers medial imaging products, mobile imaging products, image diagnostic services (wani cloud) ultrasound diagnostic products (Wandong Esaote), and supplies medical imaging solution including MR, CT, DR, RF, DSA, Mammography, Ultrasound diagnostic product, mobile imaging product, mobile medical vehicle, remote medical imaging service and image cloud PACS service for different kinds of clinical demands.

The product line has been qualified as a Municipal brand-name product also known as one of the sef. development pilot enterprise in Beijing The x-ray product line owns a large presence in the domestic market and high record sales in consecutive years.


8. Angell Technology

Angell Technology is a reputable global company specializing in the provision of advanced digital medical imaging devices. Since their establishment in 2002, their dedicated team of nearly 600 professionals has been committed to delivering reliable digital medical imaging solutions and services to healthcare institutions worldwide. Their diverse product portfolio encompasses a range of cutting-edge offerings, including Digital Radiography, Dynamic DR, Mobile DR, Digital Mammography, and Digitizer.

Angell Technology DR

9. Kangda Medical

Shanghai-electric Kangda is a professional platform company in the field of Medical Imaging and Dental Equipment. It provides customers with an excellent general solution. The headquarter of Kangda locates in Shanghai International Medical Zone.

Now Kangda Medical has a complete product line through importation, R&D, and manufacturing partners. The complete product lines include MRI, CT, Ultrasonics, X-ray Unit, DR, Mammo, C-arm, Mobile X-ray Unit, Bone Densitometer, Animals medical imaging, dental imaging system and dental chair.

10. Browiner

Browiner is committed to the mobility, mini type, intelligence technology innovation of radiological images, focusing on full solutions for mobile medical imaging diagnosis

It aims to provide a more convenient, more efficient, and more accurate clinical diagnosis for the protection of life.

Browiner DR

As a professional Mobile Digital Radiography Machine manufacturer, Perlove Medical is more than happy to assist you in finding the right Mobile X Ray System that suits your needs and answer any questions you may have regarding our products. If you require any assistance, feel free to contact us.


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