Is robotic surgery a minimally invasive procedure?


What is robotic surgery? Robotic surgical system is a combination of a number of high-tech means in one, which is also divided into different categories of robots according to different subject areas. In the field of spinal surgery, the so-called robotic surgery is not like a science fiction movie completely by a robot instead of a real person to complete the surgery, it is actually a robotic system consisting of a robotic arm host, optical tracking system, the main control trolley.

In a robot-assisted spine surgery, the use of three-dimensional C-arms matched with the robot, only about 15 seconds to obtain high-definition 3D images of the patient’s diseased spine, robot-assisted surgery can accurately locate the site of the lesion, the placement of pedicle screw position, and so on.

Robotic Surgical System + 3D C-Arm

At present, the most widely used robotic-assisted placement of pedicle screws in spine surgery. The surgeon can use the 3D image to determine the entry point, direction and depth of the pedicle screws during the surgery. Immediately thereafter, under the navigation of the robotic surgical system, the robotic arm is able to move accurately to locate the pedicle screws and other nail placement locations. The surgeon only needs to make a 1cm incision at the nail placement site, drill in the direction of the robotic arm, and press along the needle into the pedicle to place the pedicle screws in the most optimized way to ensure patient safety and surgical effectiveness.

Robotic Surgical System 3D Image

In conventional spine surgery, after all, doctors do not have fluoroscopic eyes, in order to accurately locate, often the location of the nail will be in and out again and again, repeated selection, after all, is a nerve-intensive spine, the more the operation, the more likely that accidents will occur. With the help of the robotic surgical system, there is no need for so much trouble. Through the accurate positioning of the robot, the robotic arm can be used to place the needle in one step, without repeated exploration, which is safer than ordinary surgery.

Is robotic surgery a minimally invasive surgery?

Robotic surgery and minimally invasive surgery are two concepts, the robot is only a kind of accurate positioning aid, whether the surgery is minimally invasive or depends on the surgery itself. For example, robotic-assisted minimally invasive percutaneous lumbar fusion (MIS-TLIF) is naturally minimally invasive, while robotic-assisted orthopedic internal fixation for scoliosis, which cannot be minimally invasive, is naturally open surgery.

Due to the accuracy of the robotic surgery system, the efficacy of the surgery will be better than the general surgery, and the amount of intraoperative bleeding and the duration of the surgery will be lower and shorter than the general surgery. Robot-assisted spine surgery realizes accurate and intelligent surgery.

Robotic Surgical System


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