Lead the Trend of 3D lmaging

Features & Benefits

Maximizing surgical confidence with 3D imaging

wide medical monitor showing images with high brightness and high contrast.

integrated monitor presents real-time images for easy image reading, relieving the burden of memory.

Fully motorized movements control over your procedures.

flat-panel detector with excellent imaging.

lntraoperative 3D imaging and CT-like sectional data for more confidence in OR.

lntraoperative 3D Confirms Your Results

Intraoperative 3D imaging and CT-like imaging provides precise information from every angle during the surgical procedures—-pinpoint anatomical structures, implants and screws more confidently.

Delivers a 3D image covering a volume of a vertical cylinder  more information would be seen in one volume:
● Seven cervical vertebrae
● Seven thoracic vertebrae
● Five lumbar vertebra
● Bilateral iliosacral joints
● Femur head and unilateral pelvis

Thanks to wide space of C-arm,3D scan procedure takes around 60s for complete information, which translates into reduced surgery time for clinical work.

Intuitive intraoperative 3D evaluation avoids unnecessary postoperative CT scans and corrective surgery, saving time and costs.

With iso-centric scan technology, orbital movement in a motorized 3D scan from any direction giving you complete, highly accurate 3D information in outstanding quality.

Excellent 2D, 3D Image Quality

large amorphous silicon flat detector offers large, crystal-clear 2D image and high-resolution 3D reconstruction.Every tiny anatomical structures and implants become visible.

Adjust dose dynamically during fluoroscopy with intelligent hardware and closed-loop softw-are algorithms and minimize dose while optimizing image quality.

Self-developed high frequency x-ray generator achieves outstanding images by adjustable pulse frequency, even in obese patients and dense tissue.

Seamless navigation port connects the3D C-arm to the navigation or robotic guidance system wirele-ssly.Image-guided surgery allows for less invasive approaches and more decision-making confidence within the OR.

Exceptional Ease of Use

Adjustable movement of flat panel detector allows for intraoperative fine-tuning of the distance between the detector and the subject, to receive more x-ray signal for clearer imaging based a certain dose.

Adjustable movement of flat panel detector allows for intraoperative fine-tuning of the distance between the detector and the subject, to receive more x-ray signal for clearer imaging based a certain dose.

With a tube-detector distance, Skybow offers plenty of room for easy setup and quick positioning.

No external cable between C-arm and chassis makes it easy to be covered with sterile drapes.The surface of C-arm features anti-microbial paint, maintaining a high level of infection control.

All motorized movements in 5directions move theC-arm into the exact position desired safely and stably.

Optional footswitch creates greater freedom in OR, and avoids damage caused by trample to cable.

Multiple Screen Display

wide medical color monitor with high resolution, brightness and contrast provides ultimate reading experience.

lntegrated medical color monitor on the C-arm body offers near-table reviews,relieving memory burden.

lntuitive touchscreen control center creates quick control and sterile environment, saving time during procedures.

Remove grid by barehand to reduce dose in pediatric and other dose-sensitive procedures.

Reduce dose exposure significantly for particularly dose-sensitive procedures, pediatrics.

Preview and positioning collimators in exposure-free conditions.

Intuitive dose display for easy assessments of patient Dose(DAP)and effective control.

Steps to Create a 3D Image

01 A right operation table

02 Patient positioning

03 Use exposure protection

04 Set up the C-arm

05 Positioning in the isocenter with laser

06 Parameter setting

07 Collision check

08 Start the scan with footswitch

3D Images

2D Images

Lead the Trend of 3D lmaging

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