lntegrated Solution for Spine Surgery

Perlove Medical Spine Surgery Robot

lntegrated Solution
for Spine Surgery

Guiding the Surgeon’s Expertise

Spine surgical navigation amplifies the surgeon’s extensive skill and experience.
The software works in tandem with the surgeon to provide additional insights and guidance.

Perlove Medical Robot

Improve surgical outcomes

Robotics in Spine Surgery

Pre-operative planning

The software utilizes 3D images to make the surgcial plans for screw positioning.

Digital intraoperative 3D C-arm

● Multi-angle intraoperative 3D images
● Imported flat panel with a large FOV
● 5D movements, easy operation, adjustable SID
● Simplify the surgical workflow, ensure the surgery safety


Precise planning operation carried out by robotic arm greatly saves surgeons' operation time.

Core Benefits

Integrated solution for spine surgery

Perlove Medical is the first manufacturer in China that combines C-arm and spine surgical navigation system.

Self-adaptive calibration

It brings stronger system compatibility, more accurate coordination matching and more convenient calibration.

Sub-millimeter precision

The smart navigation system delivers high accuracy, effectively decreasing the complication rate and the revision rate.

Navigation for Every Surgeon

Perlove Medical Robot

Clinical Video

Workflow of Perlove Medical Robot

Training Course

Orthopedic Surgical Robotics Full Process Solution Online Seminar

2023 The 2nd China Medical Robot Industry Innovation Conference

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Frequently Asked Questions



How does Perlove Medical Robot position with accuracy?


Equipped with cutting-edge optical tracking sensors and robotic arms, PL300B utilizes intraoperative 3D images to make pre-operative plans, allowing surgeons to perform spinal MIS with submillimeter accurate navigation. Especially for high-risk and complex procedures, it has obvious advantages and can effectively reduce the surgical risk.



What features does the Perlove Medical Robot’s pre-operative planning have?


Perlove Medical Robot  is capable to have multiple pedicle screws positioning plans in a single operation compared with traditional surgeries, saving surgical time and improving screw placement efficiency.



How does Perlove Medical Robot  work in the surgery?


The spine navigation and positioning system integrates image processing and surgical planning with navigation and positioning in a multi-functional surgical operating platform, which can assist surgeons to perform various surgeries in a minimally invasive, precise, and efficient manner.