Wiseye PLX119C
Mobile C-arm System with Upgraded FPD

Features & Benefits

Large view
Small footprint

Simplicity revealed in every details

Upgraded FPD
Revealing more anatomical details

Equipped with 30cm*30cm large size dynamic FPD, imaging area has been increased by 100%compared with the conventional FPD.

4MP resolution image combined with low signal-noise ratio reveals tiniest anatomicaldetails.

Double the image size
Decrease exposure times

5 lumbar vertebrae can be photographed within one image by a 30cm x 30cm FPD, largely decreasing exposure times caused by insufficient image FOV, making it easier for surgeon to locate lesions and to make surgical plan in the procedure like pedicle screw fixation or procedure with strict imaging demand.

lmage taken by 30cm x 30cm FPD can basicly cover the entire pelvic floor. In the surgery of bilateral-pevicfractures or pelvic ring internal fixation, all the fracture site can be revealed by a single exposure, which significantly improves overall efficiency.

Clinical image

Clinical application

lmage with high resolution can clearly reveal articular structure, helping surgeons to better locate the target.

Flexible mechanical movement realize easy positioning for different type of trauma surgery, providing comfortable handling experience.

upgraded FPD present more details of vertebrae, helping surgeons to better making surgical plans.

Multiple radiation protection decrease overall exposure times during minimally invasive procedure.

Low dose management
Multiple protection

Leakage radiation in the loading state of X-ray tube is far more lower than CFDA and FDA standard, providing better protection from the X-ray source.

X-ray generated in high frequency pulse wave can decrease 50% of radiation dose compared with a continous fluoroscopy. This particular technology has a positive effect on weaking the motion artifact.

Real time DAP meter displayed on image.Easy for monitoring radiation level.

Optimized and adjustable exposure parameter created by intelligent hardware and algorithm provide a friendly examination scenario.

Allowing radiologist to preview and to adjust exposure area before exposure, reducing unnecessary radiation.

Decreasing radiation level by absorbing soft X-ray.Ensuring high quality image for precise diagnosis and treatment.

Flexible and efficient Instant surgery share

Compact design + Standby power = A seamless connection among ORs.

· The all-in-one compact design of C-arm eliminates the monitor cart and wires, which make it moving dexterously.
· 1m2 area coverage takes smaller footprint for smaller size operating rooms.

· When the power is cut off, the machine is able to remain activated and transit to another OR without power connection. As soon as it reconnect to the AC, the machine will immediately restore normal function.

· Fast imaging in less then 1 second, saving valuable time during surgery, improving workflow efficiency.

Wiseye PLX119C
Mobile C-arm System with Upgraded FPD

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