Mobile C-arm: the “third eye” of orthopedic surgery


With the arrival of the aging society, the incidence of orthopedic diseases is increasing year by year, resulting in a continuous increase in the number of hospital orthopedic consultations. In order to meet the needs of patients, hospitals in the medical technology and equipment configuration is constantly upgraded, in which the mobile C-arm as orthopedic imaging commonly used equipment, because of its practicality and convenience and widely welcomed, known as the orthopedic surgeon’s “third eye”.

Perlove Mobile C-arm

What is a mobile C-arm?

A mobile C-arm is a medical device with a C-shaped frame, consisting of a bulb tube for generating X-rays, an image intensifier for capturing images, a CCD camera and an image processing workstation. It is mainly used in orthopedic surgery for nailing, osteotomy, resetting and other operations, and is also widely used in surgical implantation of pacemakers, removal of foreign bodies from the body, part of the contrast surgery, part of the interventional surgery as well as with the ozone machine for the treatment of pain, small needle therapy, and gynecological tubal catheterization surgery, and so on.

Compared with the traditional fixed X-ray machine, mobile C-arm has many advantages. Firstly, it is lightweight and can be easily moved to any position in wards and operating rooms, making it easier for doctors to operate. Secondly, mobile C-arms are easy to operate and can provide timely fluoroscopic services for surgery, helping doctors to accurately position and operate. In addition, the mobile C-arm also has high-quality imaging capabilities that provide clear images to help doctors better observe and analyze the patient’s condition.

PLX7100A mobile C-arm intraoperative picture

Advantages of Perlove Medical’s mobile C-arm:

The Perlove Medical PLX7100A Flatbed Interventional Medium C is a model of mobile C-arm, which has many unique advantages.

Wide field of view: 30cm*30cm large-size flat panel detector, which can realize one-time full coverage of the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities, reduce exposure and radiation, and avoid overlap and omission.

High-definition imaging: with high resolution, the image can clearly show the key narrow structures such as tubal interstitium and isthmus, providing a reliable basis for surgery.

Flexible adjustment: full electric five-dimensional motion control, plate detector can be raised and lowered, and the SID can be flexibly adjusted to make the plate closer to the examination site and the image clearer.

Convenient operation: Equipped with special bedside controller for intervention, it is convenient for intraoperative equipment control and parameter adjustment.

PLX7100A Mobile C-arm

As an advanced medical equipment, mobile C-arm plays an important role in orthopedic surgery. It not only improves the accuracy and safety of surgery, but also provides doctors with convenient operation methods and clear imaging effects. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of application scope, we believe that mobile C-arm will play an even more important role in the future medical field.


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