PLX 118F
Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System

Features & Benefits

The state-of-art dynamic flat panel detector

Advanced digital image technology with humanized design

  • Hand controller on C-arm stand controls the mechanical and collimator movement, improves your work flow even you are away from the unit
  • RCDP – rapid calculate display platform GPU-based dynamic real-time image processing technology makes it easy to get sharp image of various body parts.

Friendly user interface

Human graphic LCD touch-screen with accurate APR parameters setting realizes convenient operation.

  • Seamless connection with cloud PACS system for information sharing and remote diagnosing.
  • Remote maintenance.
  • Self-diagnosis with error-code displaying

Lower dose Sharper image.

  • Digital pulse mode to ensure lower dose and sharper image.
  • Intelligent variable-frequency pulse technology ensures high quality X-ray at efficient dose.
  • Perfect digital imaging chain makes the routine operation easily as follow:
  • DSI(Digital Spot Film)
  • Red light cross localization

Faster positioning Higher efficiency Free rotation without dead space

360° horizontal movement to satisfy complex positioning

Unique design of electric auxiliary support arm make the movement of machine more stable.

Integrated generator with compact C-arm frame suitable for various operating rooms

PLX 118F
Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System

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