Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System

Features & Benefits

Sharp image Wireless mobility

Perfect digital imaging chain makes the routine operation easily as follow

  • Orthopedics department
  • Spine surgery
  • General surgery
  • Pain surgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Gastroenterology department
  • Traumatology department
  • Gynecology
  • Urinary surgery

lmage of excellence Flexibility and agility

Large size a-Si FPD detector provides a remarkable
clinical image with more dynanic range, more grey scale, less twisty and low image noise.

Advanced image processing sofware applied with high-res enhanced image technology


lntergrated touchscreen with human graphic interface.
Easy to use for civerse body shape and body parts.

Both FPD and vaccum tube are equiped with red light position line, which improve the accuracy and efficiency during operation.

mobile c arm components

Wireless inclivicual workstation.
less cables, more agility

Seamless connection with cloud PACS system for information sharing and remote diagnosing.
Self-diagnosis with error-code displaying.

Intelligent design Efficient protection

360°horizontal rotation to satisfy complex positioning

Variable Frequency Pulse fluoroscopy Intelligent low dose mode

HF power generator built with VFP technology together with low dose mode can remarkabley reduce radiation to the body

Remote control

lndividual wirless workstation provides more safe distance from the exposure source

Mobile Digital FPD C-arm System

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