PLX 5100
Mobile Digital Radiography System

Features & Benefits

Lightweight Design Compact and Flexible

● The rocker arm can move up and down, the combined tube can rotate at multiple angles, with the wireless panel it is more convenient to operate.

● The width of the body is only 62cm, which can easily pass through narrow passages and can be used for clinical exposure in the ward.


● PLX5100 uses lightweight materials, the weight of the whole machine is less than 150KG, innovative mechanical design, light and flexible to move; dislocation brake system, safe and reliable braking.


● Equipped with large size, low energy consumption, portable mobile wireless flat panel detector.

● The workstation adopts DR special image acquisition and processing software, supports DICOM service, convenient to operate.

High definition image Easy to clinical diagnosis

● Equiped with high frequency inverter technology to ensure high X-ray quality, low radiation dose and sharp image.



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