PLX5200A 50kW Version
Mobile Digital Radiography System

Features & Benefits

Mobile, accurate and versatile

PLX5200A 50kW version are widely used in radiology, ward, ICU, operating room.

Core Strengths

High definition image, Easy for clinical

High quality portable FPD,outstanding acquisition conversion performance, the sharp clinical image can be guaranteed.It can realize digital radiography of all human body parts friendly, like head, limbs, chest, spine lumber and so on.

Enhanced image clarity delivers diagnosis precision

PLX5200A 50kW version is equipped with 50KW split high-frequency and high-voltage generator, with stable high-voltage output, high-quality X-ray can be stably output with the x-ray tube, which meet the needs of a variety of positions and provide guarantee for clear clinical images.

PLX5200A 50kW version adopts 14*17 inches wireless detector, which has wide field of vision and convenient positioning;with high image clarity and fine imaging.The l6 bit gray scale can clearly show the radiation position tissue details of the exposure site, with high image differentiation and accurate clinical diagnosis.

Control dose, boost quality

Intelligent dose control technology can accurately adjust the radiation dose according to different body types and different parts, so as to reduce unnecessary radiation damage for patients and medical staff.

PLX5200A 50kW version is equipped with two exposure modes: handbrake exposure mode and wireless remote control exposure mode. Remote exposure device can easily realize compartment operation, effectively achieve the distance protection of radiation, clinical application is convenient, greatly protecting medical staff from ionizing radiation damage.

The post-processing algorithm and technology carried by PLX5200A50kW version can greatly improve image quality and significantly reduce radiation dose.

High power supply meets all clinical demands

PLX5200A50kW version is equipped with a special super capacitor to power the exposure function which charges quickly and lasts for a long time.
Thanks to this, the dependence of mobile DR on powersupply is reduced,and the usage scenarios of mobile DR are widened.
No matter in the ward, emergency room,or lICU,PLX5200A 50kW version can complete the shooting tasks excellently.
Two groups of mobile power supply are used for moving and exposure respectively.
One cable can be connected to achieve super capacitor and lithium battery pack charging at the same time, it will be ready when you need it.

PLX5200A 50kW version usesx-ray tube with large heat capacity.
lt has excellent heat dissipation and long continuous working time.

The flat detector is designed with pluggable battery and comes withbackup battery.
When the power is exhausted, you only need to replace the batteries tocontinue operating.
The battery features short charging time and long circle life, which supports the continuous operation of the flat detector.

Compact,flexible and easy positioning

PLX5200A 50kW version is equipped with a motor frame, which can realize the wide-range rotation of the column and the horizontal free expansion and contraction of the arm.The head can rotate at±180° without dead angle.It can complete shooting in a small space and meet the needs ofvarious clinical positioning.

The PLX5200A 50kW version is equipped with an ultrasonic distance measuring beam limiter, which can display the SID photography distance digitally, assist in rapid positioning,and achieve precise positioning without frequently moving the patient.

Humanized design and intelligent control mode

● The integrated workstation integrates the image acquisition system and theX-ray generator control system, which is convenient and quick to operate.
● The image acquisition system has multiple functions such as patient management,image acquisition, image processing, image observation,and case reports.
● The workstation supports the DICOM3.0 standard protocol and can transfer images with PACS system.

● The excellent human-computer interaction design is more in line with the human body structure, which can effectively relieve the discomfort of muscle soreness and physical fatigue caused by long-term operation, and help medical staff improve work efficiency.
● Built-in preset parameters for standardized postures, graphical display of a variety of commonly used clinical postures, support for re-editing and memorizing posture parameters, therefore doctors can adjust and optimize exposure parameters personally.

● Large-size LCD touch screen, equipped with professional image processing software with humanized graphical interactive interface which can shorten therunning-in period between medical staff and the machine effectively.
● Understandable icons, simple and easy to understand, save training time and cost for medical treatment.

High productivity and excellent operation experience

The PLX5200A 50kW version can be used flexibly in hospital corridors,wards, ICu, outpatient and emergency departments.The agility of PLX5200A50kW version improves its efficiency as a mobile DR to satisfy more clinical needs.

The front of the PLX5200A 50kW version is equipped with an automatic collision protectiondevice, which protects people and machines well.

The dual motors combined with excellent mechanical design can be easily carried out by operators with one hand.
The motor runs smoothly and quietly, with low noise during traveling,and will not disturb patients even when moving in a quiet ward at night.

There is no need to change the facilities orinstall the ground rails and hangers, as long as the protection is well done,the PLX 5200 PLOS can be used everywhere.

Common voltage can charge and power PLX 5200 Plus.

PLX5200A 50kW Version
Mobile Digital Radiography System

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