PLX 5200A
Mobile Digital Radiography System

Features & Benefits

Light and flexible collect sharp image

Widely used in radiology, ward, ICU, operating room

Core Strengths

High definition image, easy to clinical diagnosis

High quality portable FPD, outstanding acquisition conversion performance, the 

sharp clinical image can be guaranteed. It can realize digital radiography of all 

human body parts friendly, like head, limbs, chest, spine lumber and so on.

Power persistence flexibility and convenience

Two independent power supply, one for motion, the other for image, long battery endurance.

Equipped dedicated super capacitor as the power supply for radiography mode, without direct power supply, and convenient in wards, consulting room. Image collecting is more stable and reliable. long-term working with short charging(finished within 20 minutes)

Electric power assisted, helping move continuously 20Km by a single charge, long-distance endurance can be satisfied.

Electric power assisted motor drive, double wheel driven, zero radius turning. Convenient, flexible to move.

Intelligent operating system

Humanization design, building good experience of interacting.

Large size and flushbonading human graphic LCD touch screen design. Simple but intuitive interacting interface. With automatically adjustable parameters of adults and children in the aspect of multiple body area, positions, shapes.

Hand brake for close range exposure, wireless remote control for long-distance
exposure. It is easy to realize compartment operation. Convenient for clinic use.

Integrated image acquisition system and X-ray generator control, ensure the efficiency of operation.
A variety of post-processing algorithms and techniques, While the image quality is greatly improved, the radiation dose is significantly reduced.
The operation interface has a variety of functions such as patient management, image collection, processing, and observation and case report. Support DICOM3.0 standard protocol and PACS workstation for image transfer.


Flexible Movement Accurate Positioning

Multi-angle flexible control, meet the needs of a variety of bedside photography.

There are 4 one-key unlock buttons, one key to unlock a variety of linkage, namely loose or lock, easy to operate. Wide range frame movement, to meet
the clinical needs of a variety of positioning.

Column rotation design, wide coverage. Large diameter main wheel, smooth movement, compact and flexible.

The front of the machine is equipped with automatic anti-collision protection device to ensure the safety of personnel and machine.



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