Mobile DR and Mobile C-Arm: Pioneering Leaders in Imaging in Medical Radiology


As a leading manufacturer of medical X-ray machines(Mobile DR and Mobile C-Arm), Perlove Medical offers a diverse product line that includes both mobile Digital Radiography (DR) systems and mobile C-Arms. It is essential to understand the differences between these two technologies when considering equipment procurement for your medical facility. In this blog post, we will explore the definitions, applications, and key features of mobile DR and mobile C-Arm systems.

Defining Mobile DR and Mobile C-Arm:
Mobile DR refers to a subset of direct digital X-ray imaging systems with added mobility through the installation of wheels or castors at the base. These devices often come in various shapes, such as horizontally or vertically sliding square camera heads with a base plate.

On the other hand, a mobile C-Arm is an advanced X-ray imaging device that combines modern medical technology with conventional X-ray principles. Its semi-circular X-ray head consists of an emitter on one end and a sensor on the other. The letter “C” in its name represents its distinctive shape.

Different Applications:
Mobile DR systems are commonly used in radiology departments for capturing images similar to digital cameras. After taking an image, results can be immediately viewed on the machine’s screen. Adjustments such as contrast and brightness can be made before printing films using compatible printers.

In contrast, mobile C-Arms find their primary application in operating rooms and interventional suites where real-time imaging is crucial during surgical procedures. The immediate display allows surgeons to visualize results promptly and guide ongoing operations effectively.

Choosing the Right Equipment:
Understanding the differences between mobile DRs’ convenience factor versus mobile C-Arms’ imaging capabilities helps streamline our equipment selection process.

For convenient mobility without compromising power output, consider models like Perlove Medical‘s PLX5500 high-power mobile DR system featuring compact design ideal for maneuvering through hospital corridors, patient rooms, ICUs, outpatient departments effortlessly. With power up to 65kW output capability it meets various examination needs across different patient types efficiently.

Alternatively, if superior imaging quality is paramount for surgical procedures like spinal surgeries; products like Perlove Medical’s PLX119C integrated large flat panel C-arm should be considered. Equipped with a 30cm x 30cm flat panel detector providing surgeons with wider visual perspectives during operations while enabling complete exposure coverage of entire lumbar segments in one exposure frame during spine-related surgeries efficiently.

Understanding how portable Digital Radiography (DR) systems differ from portable C-arms allows us to make informed decisions when procuring medical imaging equipment.Whether prioritizing convenience through flexible mobility or superior image quality for real-time analysis during surgical procedures; Perlove Medical offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet varying needs across different healthcare settings


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