Mobile DR equipment bidding parameters include?what hospitals pay attention to these DR technical parameters?


For seriously ill patients, or postoperative patients, can not move to the professional X-ray room to take pictures, and major hospital wards, basically a room to put 2 beds or 3 beds, its space is narrow, in order to avoid causing secondary damage to patients, the best way is to apply non-destructive diagnostic categories, it is designed to be movable dr. Mobile dr equipment can be close to the patient, the patient can be avoided to avoid the re-injury.

Perlove Medical mobile DR equipment

Mobile dr equipment can be vertically lifted mechanical arm design, easy for doctors on the side of the bed can be operated with one hand, the mechanical arm comes with electromagnetic brakes, comes with fine-tuning function, so that the operator basically do not need to circle around the bed, can be quickly complete the positioning and casting photos.

Mobile dr equipment not only wins time for the diagnosis and treatment of serious patients, but also provides great convenience for patients who cannot move and are not suitable for activities. Therefore, mobile dr equipment has become an important part of the daily work of the imaging department, recognized by the majority of medical workers.

Public hospitals purchasing mobile dr equipment, according to the actual clinical needs to carry out bidding work. What are the bidding parameters for mobile dr equipment? Generally speaking, the hospital’s mobile dr equipment bidding will be the following technical parameters requirements.

Perlove Medical mobile DR device imaging

First, high voltage generator

The key technical parameter is power, which includes the nominal power and maximum power. In addition to the maximum frequency, maximum current, maximum output voltage, the shortest exposure time and other technical parameters.

High-power X-rays can penetrate deeper into the tissue, thus obtaining clearer and more accurate images, many mobile dr equipment manufacturers have no shortage of high – power series of products. Such as the PLX5500 model mobile DR of Perlove Medical, which is equipped with a 65kW power bulb tube, the output of rays is abundant, even for obese patients, tissue thicker parts of the photographic needs can also be met.

Second, X-ray tube

Mobile dr equipment key technical parameters ball is the tube anode heat capacity, in addition to the tube sleeve heat capacity, anode type, rotation speed, ball tube focus, anode target angle.

Third, the beam photoreceptor

Beam beamer performance parameters include the beam beam beamer rotation, distance ruler, positioning field of view indicator, host motion control keys.

Fourth, the ball tube support arm

Structure is the key parameter of the balloon support arm, such as whether it is a rotating retractable arm structure, whether it can be vertically hidden retraction.

Fifth, the host system

Mobile dr equipment size is an important parameter, that is, the height of the width of the host. There are also performance requirements for the host’s moving mode, moving speed, micro-motion control, collision receptors and other aspects.

VI. X-ray detector

X-ray detector pixel size is an important parameter, other performance parameters include the detector type, detector area, resolution, A/D conversion and so on.

In the face of a variety of special circumstances of patients, mobile dr equipment has a stronger practicality, widely used in emergency medicine, operating room, intensive care medicine, orthopedics and other clinical departments can not be active patients, to meet the needs of clinicians diagnosis of diseases, and greatly improve work efficiency.


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