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As of August 19, 2021, the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) had spread to six continents, and 4.4 million people had died after contracting the respiratory virus.

The crisis is not over Approximately 215 countries and territories worldwide have been affected by the COVID-19 disease. The virus is still circulating at very high rates, and many countries have reintroduced lockdown rules to slow the spread recorded over the winter months. Furthermore, fresh travel restrictions have been implemented following the discovery of new variants, particularly those first identified in the UK and South Africa

Perlove as one of the biggest manufacturers for X-ray system, is the National designated supplier for X-ray system. Even all of the other manufacturers or supplier is closed to isolate the employees, Perlove never stop to support the Chinese hospitals with all kinds of X-ray system with strong functions and reliable designs. Perlove’s mobile digital X-ray  are highly used to diagnostic COVID-19 in the frontline because of the easy- self- installation and compact portable design.

Perlove’s mobile x-ray systems facilitate exceptional care at the patient bedside, in the emergency department, operating rooms, ICU or wherever general x-ray is needed. Designed for smooth, quiet, speedy travel with the technologist throughout the hospital, Perlove’s portables offer exceptional ease-of-use and versatility.The AGILITY series adopts a high-power 50kW high-frequency and high-voltage generator with stable high-voltage output. With the tube, it can stably output high-quality X-rays to meet the needs of shooting in various positions and provide guarantee for obtaining clear clinical images.

1. Applications

Our PLX5200A 50kW version are widely used in radiology, ward, ICU, operating room.Mobile DR of Perlove can take chest radiographs in emergencies and emergency medical environments to help doctors quickly understand the condition and protect lives.In the past 2020, it has been purchased in large quantities by hospitals at all levels around the world.

2. Core Advantages

3. Clinical Image:High-quality images ensure the accuracy of diagnosis

High quality portable FPD, outstanding acquisition conversion performance, the sharp clinical image can be guaranteed. It can realize digital radiography of all human body parts friendly, like head, limbs, chest, spine lumber and so on

Our PLX5200A 50kW version meet their needs for ease of use, comfort, image quality, dose reduction, flexibility, productivity, intelligence . That’s why we can confidently say it offers ‘a new force for mobile imaging’.”


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