Mobile Radiography System V.S. Mobile Surgical C-arm System


As a medical x-ray machine manufacturer, Perlove Medical has both mobile medical radiography system (This system is also often referred to as a mobile digital radiography machine, abbreviated as Mobile DR.) and mobile medical C-arm in the product line. Do you know what’s the difference between mobile medical DR and mobile medical C-arm? If purchasing related medical radiology equipment, this is definitely a question that needs to be clarified.

What is Mobile DR?

Mobile medical DR is a subcategory of direct digital radiography (DR) systems, with the obvious feature of having pulleys installed on the bottom of the equipment to allow free movement.

Most mobile medical DR (Digital Radiography) systems in the market feature compact designs, with some variations in detail. Functionally, they differ slightly to meet various user needs, such as machine power, remote control methods, and so on. Below are two videos introducing and demonstrating how to operate two different models of Perlove Medical mobile DR systems. These videos can quickly help you understand mobile DR machines.

Mobile Digital Radiography Machine Demonstrating Video

These are demonstration videos of our two mobile dr machines, showcasing the important components, operation, methods of movement, etc. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of this type of machine through these two videos.

If you’re interested in exploring more of Perlove Medical’s mobile DR machines, feel free to click here to find the mobile DR that’s perfect for you. Alternatively, you can directly contact us. Our mobile DR experts are here to answer any questions you may have about mobile DR and can quickly assess your needs to recommend the mobile X-ray machine that best suits you.

What is Mobile Surgical C arm?

These are demonstration videos of our two mobile dr machines, showcasing the important components, operation, methods of movement, etc. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of this type of machine through these two videos.

The surgical C-arm X-ray machine is a medical device with a semicircular X-ray imaging part, developed based on the basic principles of ordinary X-rays and the advancements in modern medical technology. One end emits the radiation, and the other end has a light-sensitive instrument for collecting it. It’s called a C-arm because its shape resembles the letter “C”.

Surgical C-arm Demonstrating Video

Here is our demonstration video for the C-arm, highlighting its key components, functionality, and mobility, etc. This video offers a thorough insight into mobile surgical c arm.

The Main Difference Between Mobile Dr & Mobile Surgical C-arm

Mobile dr (Digital Radiography) functions in a way that’s similar to how a digital camera operates. Just as a digital camera captures images and allows you to see them instantly on its screen, this medical device captures X-ray images of the body. After the X-ray is taken, the image is immediately available for viewing on the device’s display. This immediate feedback is much like seeing a photo right after you snap it with a digital camera, allowing for quick review and adjustments if necessary.

PLX5200A 50KW mobile digital x ray cervical machine chest image
mobile dr machine limbs image
mobile dr cervical spine image
mobile dr machine lumbar spine image

Images by Perlove Medical PLX5200A 50kW Mobile Digital Radiography System, click here to learn more about it.

Compared to other medical X-ray machines, the biggest advantage of mobile dr system is its small size and ease of mobility, allowing it to be used in relatively confined spaces. Perlove Medical PLX5500 high-powered mobile digital radiography (DR) system, features a compact design for easy maneuverability in hospital corridors, wards, intensive care units, outpatient emergency rooms, and similar settings. Boasting a power output of up to 65kW, it effortlessly accommodates the imaging requirements of individuals with diverse body types.

The mobile surgical C-arm is mainly used in the operating room, and interventional rooms. It works to immediately display the film’s image on a monitor, allowing you to see the results in real time. This then guides the continuation of the surgery.

plx 1500 c arm thoracic vertebra

Images by Perlove Medical PLX7500A Digital Intraoperative 3D C-arm, click here to learn more about it.

Compared to other surgical X-ray machines, the most crucial feature of this machine is the imaging quality it delivers, including high definition and real-time capabilities.Perlove Medical’s PLX119C model is an integrated large flat panel C-arm equipped with a 30cm x 30cm flat panel detector, offering surgeons an expanded field of view during procedures. This capability is especially beneficial during spine surgeries, where a single exposure can capture the entire lumbar spine segment.


To sum up, mobile DR machine is used for taking X-ray films. The high-definition X-ray image can facilitate doctors in making diagnoses.  Mobile DR stands out from other X-ray machines due to its superior imaging quality, marked by high brightness and real-time performance

Medical C-arm provides 3D imaging and cross-sectional images during surgery, offering multi-dimensional diagnostic information. This assists surgeons in making intraoperative assessments, aiding in the completion of surgeries more effectively. Mobile surgical C-arm excels over other x ray machines with its high-definition imaging and real-time capabilities.

Feel free to contact Perlove Medical, if you have any other questions about mobile dr and mobile surgical c arm.


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