Nanjing Perlove Interventional Radiology Training Course in 2020 started on this Tuesday


The ” Interventional Radiology Training Course in 2020″ organized by Nanjing Perlove Medical and Nanjing First Hospital officially started on this Tuesday.

The Nanjing science and technology expert Gu Jianping, who has great achievements in interventional fields with over 30 years of interventional diagnosis and treatment experience , said: The interventional expert team led by him is very willing to cooperate with Perlove Medical to make interventional technology available for more patients and benefit them!

Now let me introduce our popular machine PLX 7100A with intervention techniques,followings are its specific advantages:

•Perfect image processing system with extraordinary function ensures what you get.

•Built-in advanced image automatic optimum processing and enhancing module realize the sharp clinical image.

•Based on the Laplacian pyramid algorithm to achieve image contrast enhancement and in-time tissue equalization.

•Professional working station has more image post-processing function such as the image W/L adjustment, region of interest balance, GAMMA correction, flip, noise reduction, smoothing, sharpening etc.

•Professional high-definition LCD medical display system presents you the ideal clinic images.

Perlove Medical will also fulfill its mission of taking care of health via technology, and will continue to run intervention training courses to help more doctors and benefit more


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