Nanjing Perlove Medical Holding the 6th Clinical Application Training Class of Orthopedic Surgical Robots


To showcase various surgical techniques and cutting-edge concepts in the field of orthopedic surgical robots from multiple perspectives and promote the continuous improvement of robot assisted navigation diagnosis and treatment technology, on May 31st, Perlove Medical held the 6th “Bo Gu Tong Jing” orthopedic surgical robot clinical application training course at its headquarters in Nanjing.

This training course covers multiple aspects such as the basic theory, operational skills, and clinical case analysis of orthopedic surgical robots. The aim is to comprehensively master the key skills of robotic surgery through a combination of theoretical explanation and practical operation.

The training class invited frontline experts with years of experience in using surgical robots to give on-site lectures. Through the sharing of a large number of clinical real cases, students were taught the application value and operation skills of spinal surgical robots.

In the practical operation of the equipment, the instructor provides face-to-face explanations and hands-on teaching, allowing each student to experience and familiarize themselves with the operation process and precautions of the spinal surgery navigation positioning system, achieving a comprehensive mastery from theory to practice.


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