“One Belt, One Road” trip – the country of Thousand Islands Indonesia


Indonesia is the largest country in Southeast Asia and the largest archipelagic country in the world. Its territory spans Asia and Oceania, nicknamed the “Thousand Island Country”. Indonesia has a population of nearly 260 million, second only to China, India and the United States, ranking fourth in the world. Indonesia is one of the founding countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

The self-sufficiency rate of medical devices in Indonesia is very low, 90% of which depends on imports. Even very small equipment must be imported, which is a great opportunity for our Chinese manufacturers. However, Indonesia’s Indonesian equipment imports need to be registered by local distributors. The registration time is long and the procedures are cumbersome, which brings us great challenges.

On October 17-20, we Perlove Medical participated in the 40th Indonesia EXPO 2018 Exhibition, held at the International Exhibition Center in Jakarta, Indonesia. At this exhibition, we received more than 40 customers, and through face-to-face communication and communication, customers have a deeper understanding of our company and products.

During the exhibition, we held a publicity meeting and invited the local terminal hospital doctors to participate. Through the presentation, we introduced the strength of our company and the advantages of the main C-arm products. The presentation also achieved very good results. The on-site terminal hospital also asked some questions they were concerned about, and the customers were very positive and recognized our products.

After the exhibition, we also visited the important dealers in the local cooperation, and discussed some intentional orders. The customers also welcomed our visit.


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