One image at a time without splicing Large Field of View Dynamic Flat Panel DR


Perlove Medical dynamic Flat Panel DR can get the whole spine or whole lower limb image in one exposure. “Full-length DR photography of the spine and weight-bearing full-length DR photography of both lower limbs provide accurate measurements for clinical diagnosis, treatment plan formulation and post-treatment review of scoliosis deformity, internal fixation braces, and osteoarthropathy of the lower limbs.

In recent years, the incidence of common orthopedic diseases such as scoliosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and deformities of both lower limbs (internal and external knee joints, X- and O-shaped legs, etc.), which mostly occur in adolescents, has been increasing year by year, and these diseases often involve the weight-bearing joints of the lower limbs: hip joints, knee joints, and ankles, which seriously jeopardize the health of patients.

For patients with severe spinal deformity and lower limb deformity, surgical correction is usually required, and DR examination is often needed as the main basis for measuring the lesion area during diagnosis and treatment. Conventional DR can not complete the whole spine or the whole lower limb X-ray image shooting at one time, need to shoot the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrococcygeal vertebrae X-ray film, can only observe the local lateral curvature, can not see the continuity of the three, which increases the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

The large-field dynamic flat-panel DR PLX8600 independently developed by Perlove Medical adopts an effective field of view of 17″*34″, which can get the image of the whole spine or the whole lower limb in one exposure. It effectively solves the problem that traditional X-ray film cannot image at one time, and provides an important reference for clinical treatment by visualizing the overall anatomical shape of the spine and lower limbs as well as the site of scoliosis.

Total spine imaging has important reference value for the diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis and the formulation of surgical programs; total lower limb imaging has important reference value for the measurement of hip and knee joint angles, hip and knee orthopedic surgery, artificial joint replacement, etc. It also plays an important role in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of trauma surgery and rehabilitation patients.

In addition to conventional static photography, Dynamic Flatbed DR PLX8600 is equipped with dynamic fluoroscopy and spot film function. Through visualization of dynamic images, together with the spot film function, it is able to observe the complex parts of the lesions well, capture the key frames effectively, and reduce the probability of the patients’ multiple filming.

Perlove Medical dynamic flat panel DR large field of view of the whole spine, double lower limbs in a single imaging, without the need for multiple exposures, to reduce the radiation intake due to multiple shooting. The process of filming is also more convenient and fast, so that patients get rapid diagnosis and timely treatment, bringing greater convenience to clinicians and patients, and greatly contributing to the enhancement of the hospital’s medical service capacity.


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