Orthopedic Flatbed C-Arm are Replacing image intensifier C-Arm? What’s the reason?


Currently on the market orthopedic C-arm X-ray machine can be divided into orthopedic shadow enhancement C-arm and orthopedic flat C-arm two types, the former use image intensifier, the latter use of the digital flat detector, the two X-ray machine imaging principle is fundamentally different.

Image intensifier x-ray machine used in the 1950s, shadow enhancement for synchronized imaging, will penetrate the body of X-rays into visible light, and brighten the image, x-ray machine once the exposure is stopped then the image disappears. In order to x-ray machine image processing, the image intensifier needs to cooperate with the camera system, the image is captured and converted into electrical signals for processing. Therefore, the longer the x-ray machine imaging session is, the more likely it is to cause the loss of image information and the increase in noise, and because of the lower resolution of the x-ray machine, the image quality is not clear.

However, the x-ray machine digital flat panel is a new technology developed in the 1990s. x-ray machine digital flat panel imaging principle is that after the x-ray passes through the object, different degrees of attenuation occurs, the role of the scintillator layer. x-ray photons are converted into visible light and then by the amorphous silicon photovoltaic layer is converted to electrical signals stored in a capacitor in the electric signal is converted to digital signals, and finally after the internal storage and processing of the image will be displayed on the monitor. The image will be displayed on the monitor after internal storage and processing.

Therefore, from the technical principle, orthopedic flatbed C-arm has many advantages, in terms of image quality, imaging speed, format field of view, dose are better than orthopedic image intensifier C-arm. Over the past 15 years, the C-arm X-ray market has shifted from image intensifiers (IIs) to flat panel detectors (FPDs). Although there are still many hospitals using image intensifier C-arms, it is a foregone conclusion that it is going to be phased out by flat panel C-arm x-ray machines.

Perlove Medical Flat Panel Detector C-arm

As a more advanced x-ray machine imaging technology, digital flat-panel detectors are widely used in interventional medicine, such as the orthopedic flat-panel C-arm x-ray machine specially designed for peripheral interventional medicine – PLX7100A mobile flat-panel interventional mid-C-arm, which is equipped with a new type of large-size amorphous silicon dynamic flat-panel detector with a larger field of view, which is capable of achieving one-time full coverage for the thoracic cavity, the abdominal cavity, and the pelvic cavity, reducing the number of x-ray machine exposures, lowering the dose of x-ray machine radiation, avoiding overlap and omission, and shortening the procedure time.


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