Our official website has been updated ! Welcome to visit for more information


The good news is that our official websit(http://www.perlove.net/) has undergone a brand-new upgrade in order to bring you a better experience.we will display our whole series of products and latest news about company.

Please allow me to introduce this site clearly so that you can make the best use of it.


As we can see from the picture below,this part demonstrates Perlove’s consistent efforts towards fighting against COVID-19,which can be shown in receiving a total of 257 urgent orders from 28 countries around the world, with a single order of more than 200 units.


This part displays our all series of products(Including Surgical C-arm System,DRF,Radiography,,Dental Cone CBCT and VET series.)

Choosing different categories comes out various models of specific parameters and details that you want.(e.g.Clicking the picture of Surgical C-arm System,you will get various models of C-arm,then choose the special one you want. )


“About us ” part mainly covers the introduction ,honor,history,news about Perlove.If you wanna have a better understanding of Perlove ,this part is highly recommended.

Something worthy to mention is that Perlove masters a series of R&D Core Technology with more than 200 patents.You can have a glance at our factory and warehouse’s pictures and introduction in this part.


After-sales service,client feedback and FAQ can be found in this “SERVICE” part ,which are aspects you may be interested in.

We offer 24-hour service and online technical support with several languages support, such as English, Russian, French and Spanish.You can get a lot of clients’ feedback with letters and true installation photos.

Above are brief introduction about new website and guidance for you.For more information, you can check our website http://www.perlove.net/


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