Our team’s training in Zhuhai


Not long ago, our team went to our factory in Zhuhai for study and training; Through this training, our sales manager had a deeper understanding of the product, laying a good foundation for customer service in the future; let’s take a look at this Gains from this training

The key products of this training are PLD6000 Dynamic FPD Radiography and Fluoroscopy System and PLD7900. Let me show you the on-site pictures of our machines.

PLD6000 Dynamic FPD Radiography and Fluoroscopy System

PLD7900 Digital Motion X-ray System Floor Mounted Version

Let me introduce to you in detail our new product PLD7900 Digital Motion X-ray System Floor Mounted Version. What is digital motion X-ray FPD?

● Capable of digital radiography, digital fluoroscopy and digital angiography.                                       

● A technique for analyzing dynamic changes based on the transmittance of X-rays.
● Enables clinicians to observe the dynamic motion of anatomical structures over time, enhancingdiagnostic capabilities.

Advantages compared with static X-ray

● Digital motion x-ray use leading edge tecnology inmaking detailed and real time images than staticimages.
● Evaluate the patiens’ condition or recovery effectivelyby observing the dynamic changes of organ function.

Feature enhancements
Ultimate experience

Cardiothoracic ratio measurement

Cardiothoracic ratio is a common indicator for evaluating cardiac enlargement, and is mostly used for diagnosis of exclusion or follow-up evaluation of patients.(For example, if the cardiothoracic ratio is found to be enlarged during the examination, further examination can be carried out in com-bination with the medical history and symptoms to confirm the diagnosis)

The PLD7900 Digital Motion X-ray System , our new system which launched in this year, is a multifunctional DRF machine which can be used in a variety of clinical applications, including digital radiography, digital fluoroscopy, contrast agent examination, etc.he last but very important point our  PLD79000 meets your business target. No matter you are a distributor who wants more opportunities to win a tender and provide a better solution for your customers, no matter you are from a hospital who needs a super equipment with multiple functions to improve the workflow and medical service, will help you to achieve the target.


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