Perlove Dental CBCT Installed in Tibet


Recently, our engineer came to Geji County, Ali, Tibet, and completed the task of installing the dental CBCT.

In recent years, the Tibet Autonomous Region’s health services have developed vigorously, and the medical and health service system covering urban and rural areas has been gradually improved. With the development of grassroots hospitals in the Tibet Autonomous Region and the continuous advancement of assistance work, new requirements have been put forward for the development of stomatology in grassroots hospitals. High-quality oral CBCT and professional dental medical staff provide fresh blood to the stomatology department of primary hospitals in Tibetan areas.

Dental CBCT

Perlove Oral CBCT

CBCT (Cone beam CT) is cone beam CT. It is the most promising and revolutionary device among today’s oral and cranial imaging equipment. Its principle is that the X-ray generator makes circular projections around the projection body with a relatively low amount of radiation, and then performs multiple digital projections around the projection body. The data obtained in the “intersection” after the photo is reorganized in the computer to obtain a three-dimensional image, which can intuitively and clearly reflect the actual situation of teeth, root canals, dental arches, and temporomandibular joints.

Applicable clinical cases:

Preoperative diagnosis and design of implants, dental pulp and periodontal examination, supernumerary teeth, impacted teeth examination, root filling examination, cysts and tumors…

It is widely used in oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, orthognathic surgery, implantology, dentistry, temporomandibular joint surgery, etc. before and after surgery.


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