Perlove Dynamic DRF Helps in the Field of Epidemic Prevention


In 2021, the epidemic is still spreading abroad, and the situation of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control in China is gradually getting better. But there are many sporadic cases in some areas, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is severe.

As an excellent medical equipment enterprise in China, Perlove stays true to its original aspiration and practices its corporate mission. During the epidemic period, Perlove strictly controls epidemic prevention and focuses on production. We always ensure adequate reserves and can respond to customer needs in the first time, to achieve the high quality of China’s intelligent manufacturing for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Recently, Perlove Medical delivered a dynamic flat panel DRF device to the People’s Hospital of Shanting District, Zaozhuang City. The People’s Hospital of Shanting District is located in Shanting New Town, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province. It is a Grade A general hospital.

After professional installation and commissioning by Perlove engineers and standardized training for the staff in the hospital department, the equipment was quickly put into the epidemic prevention battlefield and became a part of the epidemic prevention and control force.
Since the outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic in early 2020, Perlove has been actively taking action, in addition to joint forces to ensure adequate reserves, but also to ensure that every equipment transported out can be in the most stable state to fight the epidemic prevention and control work!

Next, let’s look at what Perlove Dynamic DRF can do for epidemic control.

1. One machine multi-purpose, easy to achieve routine photography and special photography, the application of the whole department, epidemic prevention and control preferred

2. High-definition dynamic flat panel detector, full coverage of large field of vision, fast and accurate access to lesion information

3. High power, high speed and large thermal capacity to calmly cope with a large number of screening work for epidemic prevention and control

4. The first domestic bed lifting function, easy for patients to get in and out of bed, quickly complete the film, avoid cross infection. It can also be reduced to the parallel distance of the hospital bed to facilitate the movement of critical patients and avoid secondary injury

5. SID can extend up to 1.8 meters to meet the needs of fever clinic and CoviD-19 mass screening

6. Images can be directly transmitted to PACS through the Internet, which is convenient for doctors to consult quickly and provide the optimal treatment plan for patients quickly

As the Spring Festival approaches, more people go out and return home, and gathering activities will be frequent. The domestic epidemic prevention and control situation will become more severe and complicated. The nationwide fight against the epidemic requires confidence and patience. The string of epidemic prevention and control must be tightened at all times. Perlove Medical will continue to fulfill our corporate mission, persist in high-quality intelligent manufacturing in China to escort the battle.


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