Perlove Dynamic Flat DRF Installed in Fenyang People’s Hospital


In the latter half of 2020, after public bidding, investigation and comparison, Fenyang people’s hospital finally decided to select the Perlove multi-functional dynamic flat DRF as the main equipment of Radiology Department.

Shanxi Fenyang people’s hospital is a non-profit general hospital, which is a designated medical institution for urban workers and residents. It’s a new rural cooperative medical insurance.

After putting into use, Perlove multi-functional dynamic flat DRF has taken on radiography, fluoroscopy and radiography. With its excellent performance of multi-function, easy operation, high efficiency and low dose, it has been praised and recognized by radiologists.

Perlove multi-functional dynamic flat-panel DRF has a breakthrough in traditional flat-panel DR technology:

① design concept fully combined with the actual application needs of customers.

② realizing digital photography and perspective.

③ integrating digital gastrointestinal and digital radiography.

④ realizing high-quality and high frame rate perspective.

At the same time, it supports flexible and efficient multi-dimensional sports. Such as bed lifting, ball tube swinging, column moving and SID stretching.

The success of this project confirms the excellent quality and reliability of Perlove medical in medical X-ray imaging equipment. Perlove multifunctional dynamic flat-panel DRF helps major hospitals realize precision medical care and escort the health of the people!


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