Perlove Dynamic Flat DRF Installed in Zaozhuang Top Three Hospital


After a long period of clinical verification, Perlove multi-functional dynamic flat DRF has been recognized by many doctors and experts. After helping Taierzhuang People’s Hospital and Shanting People’s hospital to make accurate diagnosis and treatment, which has been highly recognized. Perlove Medical has delivered a set of dynamic flat DRF to Zaozhuang Municipal Second Hospital.

Zaozhuang Municipal Second Hospital (Zaozhuang medical rehabilitation center) was founded in 1960. Its three major fileds: mental illness treatment, elderly medical care and medical rehabilitation treatment has been the characteristics as the national top three hospital.

Engineers provide professional installation and training services for hospitals

In order to assist the hospital to do a better job during the special period of the epidemic, the team of pulid engineers rushed to the hospital as soon as possible to complete the installation and commissioning work, and provided clinical training for the operators.

At present, the dynamic flat DRF equipment has been officially put into service in the second Zaozhuang municipal hospital. The user department praised the professional and careful service of the engineer team.

7 highlights of clinical application

1. The domestic industry’s first bed lifting function: the bed can be lifted, which is convenient for people with short stature and mobility;

2. Multiple functions: integrates photography, radiography and fluoroscopy

3. Smooth dynamic image: the fluoroscopic frame rate is as high as 30 frames / s, which can obtain high-definition smooth image comparable to static acquisition. And can spot high-definition film under fluoroscopy to accurately detect lesions.

4. Equipped with 2 pluggable high-density filter grids: special for children or low-dose parts

5. DAP radiation dose monitoring system first introduced in domestic industry

6. Automatic splicing function of whole spine image: effectively solve the problem that traditional X-ray can’t image at one time

7. Information sharing and remote diagnosis

Perlove Medical always adheres to scientific and technological innovation. We takes ” Technology contributes to health” as our mission as well as provides customers with professional, intelligent and humanized medical imaging comprehensive solutions.


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