Perlove Dynamic Flat Panel DRF helps hospitals achieve precision medicine


As an excellent domestic medical equipment company, Perlove has been committed to providing customers with professional, intelligent and humanized comprehensive medical imaging solutions. The product line covers dynamic flat-panel DRF, flat-panel dynamic DR, U-arm dynamic DR, digital gastrointestinal machine, various types of conventional DR and other fields.

Among them, the dynamic flat-panel DRF series is a “hard core” product series launched by Perlove after 15 years of research and development. Since its launch, this series of products has stood out from many dynamic DR products in the industry due to its advantages of multi-function, high efficiency and low dosage, and has won high attention and praise from customers.

It is precisely because of the above advantages that Perlove Dynamic Flat Panel DRF is recognized and favored by major hospitals in China. After the professional and orderly installation and commissioning of our company’s technical staff, and the training of technical operation specifications for the hospital department staff, these equipment have been put into work one after another, and they have been officially put into service in major hospitals.

Perlove Dynamic Flat Panel DRF complete system provides hospitals with optimized product configuration solutions: dynamic flat panel detectors, high-frequency and high-voltage generators, high heat capacity and high-speed tubes, high-density grids and other systems. The all-round full-space image coverage fully demonstrates the agility of the product and provides hospitals with truly efficient and cost-effective dynamic DRF products.

Product usage

Perlove’s multifunctional dynamic flat panel DRF is the most advanced digital X-ray radiography system in China. It can not only realize digital photography and fluoroscopy, but also integrate digital gastrointestinal functions and digital radiography functions into one, and can realize high-quality and high-frame-rate fluoroscopy.

It can be used for hospitals to perform X-ray photography, fluoroscopy and angiography of the human head, neck, chest, abdomen, lumbar spine, limbs and other parts of the body.

Advantages of clinical application

1. The bed has a unique lifting function

2. Humanized multi-dimensional motion design

3. Large size flat panel detector

4. The fluoroscopy dose is significantly reduced, which greatly reduces the adverse effects on patients and doctors.

5. Automatic image stitching function (optional)

Perlove’s multifunctional dynamic flat-panel DRF helps major hospitals realize precision medical care and escort the health of the people!


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