[Perlove Family Day 2021] Charity sale , pass warm everyone


Annually,Perlove medical organizes Family Day activities. Family Day carries many beautiful expectations and joys of Perlove medical, and has become an important “festival” of Perlove medical! Since its development, Perlove Medical is inseparable from the hard work and dedication of every employee, and it is also inseparable from the understanding and support of every employee’s family. Perlove medical hopes that employees can enjoy the time of loving each other, and continue this joy and happiness into their work, and contribute more to the company’s future development!

In 2021, the Family Day Charity Sale is an important part of Perlove medical “Twilight Action” in 2021. All funds raised in the event will be used for the Daliang Mountain Charity Aid Activity. Combined with a series of activities in Yanyuan County,Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, such as loving agriculture,loving education, loving poverty alleviation, etc., The aim is to unite the strength of all employees and partners of Perlove medical to provide loving materials for more people in need. Support, send the hot love to the beautiful Daliang Mountain.

After signing in and receiving souvenirs, the charity sale opened hot. Employees take out the items that are idle at home for exchange, which can not only increase the utilization rate of items and reduce waste, but also help impoverished children in Daliang Mountain through charity sales.

The children who came to participate in the Family Day also actively faced the camera, sending good blessings to the children in Daliang Mountain!

Perlove medical has been practicing the mission of ” TECH CONTRIBUTES HEALTH ” and spared no effort to fight for the cause of human health. In addition to providing high-quality medical equipment to allow more people to enjoy high-quality medical services, we will committed to public welfare, love to achieve the future.


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