Perlove Flat Panel C-arm finishes the “2020 Animal Intervention Clinical Research Experiment”!


Meeting clinical needs is the key point In order to better meet the clinical needs of medical imaging products, according to the standard of operating room in hospital, Perlove Medical has established its own interventional catheterization room.

The main purpose for the experiment is to give us a deeper understanding of interventional radiology. Through this clinical practice, we have a clearer understanding of the surgical procedure, the coordination between related instruments and the organizational structure of experimental animals, which is convenient for deeper clinical research and training.

Powered by dynamic FPD C-arm, the whole operation is visible

The success of a minimally invasive interventional surgery depends not only on the doctor’s own medical technology, but also on whether the doctor can get clear and accurate clinical images during the operation.

Perlove dynamic FPD C-arm has the advantages of low radiation dose, small footprint, easy operation, easy movement and so on. It is favored by all major hospitals. This Perlove medical’s C-arms has good image quality, low radiation dose, and wide clinical application, which can meet 80% of the clinical application of the high power C-arm.

Perlove, world of love

This first animal intervention clinical research experiment has achieved the expected purpose. We will continue to work hard in our field to promote the development of intervention disciplines and allow interventional medicine to better benefit the people.

After this successful experiment, Perlove FPD C-arm will enter the international market faster.Please stay tuned.


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