Perlove in Algeria and Tunisia


This month perlove just finished the visit in Algeria and Tunisia.

As a leading manufacturer of X-ray machines in China, perlove has been committed to the R & D and production of X-ray machines since its establishment, with more than 15 years of market experience overseas. The purpose of this visit is to penetrate the market and deepen our cooperation with local partners.

In Algeria, we visited the hospital together with our local partners to understand the actual needs of doctors in clinical use, answered doctors’ questions in the process of product promotion.All  questions have been answered, everything has feedback in time, our work is highly praised by the majority of customers.

In addition, we also provided product knowledge training and Q A for all the employees of the distributor; That is a very substantial and happy week for all of us.

After a trip to Algeria, Perlove went to Tunisia to visit the local agent. In addition to the basic product training questions and answers, we filled in the bids together with the dealers to understand the bidding habits of the local government and the special requirements for the bids; in addition, we also visited several hospitals together to promote the products of Perlove, so that more and more users can deeply understand the brand of Perlove, and both dealers and doctors are full of praise for our products.

After the end of North Africa and North Africa, Perlove came to the JFR. During the exhibition, we not only met with the local agents of Perlove from many countries, but also welcomed dealers and doctors from French speaking countries to share product trends and market information with each other. It was touching that our dealer partners also prepared special gifts for us and then we had dinner together.

Perlove is waiting for your arrival to JFR 2020, See you next year!


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