Perlove in Arab Health


In Asia, there is a well-known city not only for its economic power but also for its hot climate. Arab health 2019 is held in this landmark city- Dubai. As a pioneer in Chinese X-ray machine industry, Perlove Medical always attend the Arab Health exhibition every year.

Seventy customers came to the booth on the first day and were busy since 11 a.m. Most of the customers are invited, mainly from the Arab region. There are also some friends who specially are from Africa, South America and other distant regions.The first day of the exhibition was very busy, because only we, the manufacturer of X-ray machine, brought the actual prototype — small C-arm. Most dealers showed a strong desire for cooperation.

At the exhibition, our customers were not only interested in the small mobile C-arm and popular DR, but also shown their absolute recognition to our C-arm’s easy operation in the field of surgery.On the first day, 50 or 60 groups of customers came, some of them were professional engineers, some of them came from dealers, and many large and small hospitals came to look for new hospital equipment.

Some hospital directors even wanted to directly buy a prototype so as to immediately install X-ray machines. More customers come to our booth in the second day, still invited customers accounted for a large proportion, aslo some clients backed here again for discusssing more in-depth product problems or cooperation, even some clients pay downpayment on our booth. 

This exhibition largely promote our brand and product sales and the effect of the exhibition will be shown by orders one by one in the future.


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