Perlove Integrated Flat Panel Detector C-arm System receive much acclaim


In 2021, Perlove Medical launched the Integrated Flat Panel Detector C-arm System “Huitong” series, which were successively put into use in medical institutions across the country. “Huitong” has been praised by medical staff for its clear images and intelligent operation. With the power of “Perlove Smart Making”, we can take care of more patients’ health!

Inner Mongolia

Tongliao City is located in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia and is one of the birthplaces of the Mongolian nation. In June, a new member-“Hui Tong” was welcomed in the operating room of a hospital in Tongliao City. The medical staff of the hospital are very enthusiastic about the operation of the new equipment, and they all come to visit.

The next operation with the assistance of “Hui Tong” was a complete success. Director Liu of the Department of Orthopedics gave a high evaluation of “Hui Tong”‘s performance in the operation.

In Qinghai

From Nanjing to Qinghai, about 1,900 kilometers, “Hui Tong” arrived here after a long journey. After careful and detailed equipment review and acceptance, “Huitong” was officially put into use. Perlove Medical’s Integrated Flat Panel Detector C-arm System adopted dynamic flat panel detectors and intelligent image processing technology to make clinical images clearer.

The integrated frame design of “Huitong” greatly saves the space in the operating room, is light and flexible, and can be easily operated by one person.

In Sichuan

“Huitong” has been installed in Tianquan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has been put into actual clinical work, injecting new scientific and technological strength into the clinical work of the hospital!

In Guangdong

From Inner Mongolia to Guangdong, from the north to the south, more and more cities have appeared in the form of “Hui Tong”, and they are sticking to their posts with medical staff, escorting doctors’ diagnosis and treatment, and the health of patients!


● Intelligent image processing technology

Intelligent real-time image processing technology, which automatically analyzes images and performs enhancement processing, reduces tedious operations when processing images in clinical applications, and quickly provides high-quality images to facilitate the completion of clinical work.

● Intelligent frequency conversion technology

Automatically adjust the image frame rate according to the body part and the radiation dose to reduce the radiation dose while ensuring the image quality.

● Beam light preview

With the beam preview function, it can adjust the size of the exposure range in the non-radiation state; greatly reduce the radiation caused by repeated clinical exposure; and automatically adjust the size and position of the image interest area to make the automatic mode more accurate.

Tech Contributes Health is the mission of Perlove Medical. It inspires and spurs us to bravely climb the technological peaks, enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and promote medical innovation to better benefit the public!


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