Perlove MedicaI Surgical Navigation and Positioning System at the 2023 COA Orthopaedic Annual Meeting


On November 26, 2023, the 22nd Orthopaedic Academic Conference of Chinese Medical Association and the 15th COA Academic Conference concluded successfully in Xi’an. As a one-stop supplier of orthopedic surgical robots and general radiology medical imaging equipment, Perlove MedicaI has been deeply engaged in the field of orthopedics for twenty years.
In this annual meeting of COA, Perlove MedicaI brings a number of innovative products such as orthopedic surgical robots and flat-panel 3D C-arms to the meeting.

After ten years of exploration, Perlove MedicaI research team has launched the “Spine Surgery Navigation and Positioning System” by combining cutting-edge surgical robot technology with 3D imaging. Through the combination of self-developed orthopedic surgical robots and three-dimensional C-arms, it realizes intraoperative three-dimensional imaging and precise positioning of surgery, with an accuracy of sub-millimeter level. This system makes the originally difficult and high-risk complex spine surgery become process-oriented and standardized, thus shortening the learning curve of doctors.

Keeping the original intention, we have been working hard. With the mission of “Technology Contributes Health“, Perlove MedicaI closely integrates the development of the enterprise with people’s health, and helps the development of orthopaedic intelligence through continuous product innovation and research and development, so that the doctors and patients can get a more efficient diagnosis and treatment experience.


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