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Interventional medicine is an emerging discipline integrating imaging diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment. It has developed into the third largest medical discipline after internal medicine and surgery. It has broadened the fields of medical imaging and minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment. With the development of minimally invasive surgery and interventional technology, the clinical demand for interventional professionals has increased significantly, and the requirements for medical imaging equipment have also continued to increase.

Technological innovation
Interventional medicine

The intervention training course “Intervention for a Thousand Miles” jointly organized by Nanjing No. 1 Hospital and Universal Medical Care has been successfully held for three sessions. On June 7, the “2021 Intervention A Thousand Miles” Intervention Training Course (Phase 4) was grandly kicked off.

Interventional medicine
Interventional medicine

In the fourth intervention training class, the leader of the Chinese University of Pharmaceutical Sciences awarded the appointment letter of “Strategic Development Expert of the School of Continuing Education of China Pharmaceutical University” to Mr. Liu Jinhu, the chairman of Perlove Medical, and held the “Continuing of China Pharmaceutical University “Education Site Teaching Base” Unveiling Ceremony.

the trainees of the training

The trainees of the training course walked into the hospital to observe the operation on site, and get a close understanding of the current advanced interventional clinical application skills, including tumor intervention, vascular intervention, and non-vascular intervention. The trainees seized the opportunity to discuss the difficult problems encountered in the clinic with interventional experts. The clinicians and trainees shared a wealth of interventional surgery plans. At the same time, the trainees also mastered the important role of the C-arm in the surgical process and related equipment. And the use of consumables.

animal intervention practice

After the completion of the theoretical course, the experts and the students cooperated to complete the animal intervention practice, allowing the students to have a deeper understanding of the relevant knowledge of imaging diagnosis, minimally invasive operation skills and clinical practice. Knowledge. Through this clinical practice, the students have deepened their understanding of theoretical knowledge and better mastered the cooperation between instruments and surgical skills.

Perlove Medical hopes to provide more and more hospital intervention workers with a better platform for learning, communication and sharing. We are intensively working in the field of medical imaging to promote the development of interventional disciplines, so that interventional medicine can better benefit the people.


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