PERLOVE MEDICAL 2017 Family Spring Tour of Square Mountain Successfully Finished


During this spring, in order to make employees and their families feel the corporate culture, reflecting the cohesion of enterprises, increase the sense of belonging, Perlove Medical carefully organize 2017 Spring Festival family tour of Square Mountain. In the morning all staff happily visit Square Mountain, enjoy the spring beautiful and increase mutual understanding and enhance mutual friendship in joy, in the afternoon, all staff take family photos, participate in small games, so that everyone could relax beyond the high tense work; this promote and deepen the families communication.

Looking at little child in the family photo grew up year by year, realized that time flies without traces, for four years of family day activities have slowly become employees and children expecting activity. Expect such a culture could be continued all the time, expect to forgetting annoyance in this ordinary day to enjoy the fun of laughter, expect the next spring, expect more s families to participate in the activities to experience Perlove Medical the most beautiful spring.


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