Perlove Medical 2021 Outstanding Staff Recognition Conference


In order to commend the employees who made outstanding contributions to the development of the company in 2021 and stimulate the fighting spirit of all , Perlove Medical specially held the “2021 excellent employee commendation conference” on January 21.

2021 Live up to what you love

In Perlove Medical, excellent talents will never lack the stage. 48 excellent employees from different departments were awarded the title of “excellent employee” for their outstanding performance in technological innovation, sales performance, safe production and attentive service.

2022 Build a dream

At the commendation conference, Ms. Gong Jiong, general manager of Perlove Medical, expressed her sincere thanks and hope to all the award-winning employees: “it’s not easy to become an excellent employee overnight. It’s your long term accumulation and dedication that make this honor truly deserved. Thank you for your efforts all the time. And thank you for accompanying our company through extraordinary 2021!

May the power of example inspire us to become better people.

Let’s start from 2022 and strive for happiness!


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