[Perlove Medical] 3D C-arm clinical application case sharing


Perlove Medical, as one of the largest medical X-ray equipment manufacturer in China, has officially launched our brand new high-end 3D C-arm System, the Skybow PLX7500 3D C-arm System.  

With iso-centric scan technology, 190°orbital movement in a motorized 3D scan from any direction giving you complete, highly accurate 3D information in outstanding quality.

During the surgery, the equipment can provide images from various angles to ensure the accuracy of the operation. Particularly, it provides provide cross-sectional images that ordinary 2D equipment cannot, so this equipment is also called intraoperative CT. The new C-arm system Skybow PLX7500 is opening up a new dimension

Patient 1: Female, 56 years old, L5/S1 intervertebral disc lamina + nail fixation

The patient had pain in the lower back, waist pain in the active lumbar spine, and pain in the left lower limb of the waist for a long time.

MRI of the patient before surgery

Shows L3/4, L4/5 intervertebral disc herniation, L5-S1 level occupying space in the spinal canal

3D C-arm positioning and two-dimensional images before surgery

The doctor inserts medical screws into the L5/S1 pedicle under image guidance 

Patient 2: Male, 52 years old, tibial fracture open reduction and internal fixation with plate

Preoperative CT three-dimensional reconstruction image shows a comminuted fracture at the tibial plateau00:06

Position the Kirschner wire and drive into the medical fixing screw

Perlove Medical will unswervingly follow the road of independent innovation and continue to provide high-end medical equipment that meets clinical needs, so that more medical institutions and patients can enjoy high-quality medical imaging equipment!


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