Perlove Medical came to Kenya again~


After two months, I came to Kenya again, the feeling was different. Not only the strong support from dealers , but also because the enthusiasm of the doctors who came to the seminar.

After presentation, we invited the hard-working doctors to enjoy the open-air buffet dinner. The peers have many common languages, and they have a happy and successful ending.

The next plan is to visit the new and old hospital friends again with the dealers, as well as the after-sales service and training in the local market, I was deeply moved and proud after the further communication and negotiation with many local hospital. And got praise from every installed has laid a deeper confidence in our Kenyan market.I believe It is also the best return of our team .

On the way to visit customers, you can also feel the exotic atmosphere of a foreign country.

This is a large piece of pineapple. Forgive me for the first time I saw that the pineapple was so kind and new.

I saw a banana tree, stupidly thought that it was rare in China, and specially took one. Finally came back and was laughed by colleagues.

Later,we participated in the largest annual medical exhibition in the local area, and communicated with our customers to discuss the current local market prospects and market conditions next year.

Finally, I sincerely thank the dealers for their full support. I am also grateful to the dozens of hospitals who have chosen to China’s own brand PERLOVE, THE WORLD OF LOVE. We must continue to do best in after-sales service, research and develop new products at the forefront of the times and carry forward the Chinese brand.


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