Perlove Medical cordially invites you to visit us at SIMEM


Perlove Medical cordially #invites you to visit us at SIMEM from May 11 to May 14, 2022 .Come and discover our unique, advanced and innovative #radiology devices.#Exhibition

 This year, Perlove Medical also brings its latest innovations of  Medical Imagining System to SIME 2022, sharing medical technologies and products with over thousands health and trade professionals from the region and the world over.As the Excellent Anti-COVID-19 Enterprise, We Perlove Medical will display our Imaging product solutions against Covid-19 and strive for more business cooperation.And we will also display our More Flexible and Smart Brand New Bigger Power DR System PLX5200A. Which is high frequency combined digital X-ray radiography medical diagnostic Equipment. It is used in radiography department, orthopedics, wards, emergency room, operation room, ICU, etc. It can satisfy the requirement of parts of body such as head, limbs, chest, spine, stomach…

In addition, we will also bring two other new products, one is C-arm system Skybow PLX7500, Assisted by the use of the Skybow PLX7500, lies in balancing cost-efficiency with improved patient care, less invasive procedures and shorter hospital stays.This groundbreaking Skybow PLX7500 Mobile C-arm for surgical x-ray imaging helps to improve surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction whilst optmizing cost.

Another product is Perlove Medical’s Integrated Flat Panel C-arm PLX118C has a high degree of intelligence, which can help doctors accurately locate and easily obtain high-definition images, just like the doctor’s eyes.also You can know more about our products in our website

Perlove Medical is dedicated to sharing more medical technologies and advocating greater healthcare exchanges to the region through SIME 2022 With the mission of “technology contribute health”, Perlove Medical will go on bringing better healthcare within reach and adding bricks to the healthcare and also people-to-people exchanges in the region.

We Perlove Medical take pleasure in inviting you to participate at SIME2022


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