Perlove Medical Dynamic Flatbed DR injects new vitality for plateau medical service


DR is one of the important examination means in clinical orthopedics. In orthopedic examination, spine orthopedics, long bone fracture, lumbar degenerative disease, etc., it is necessary to collect panoramic images of spine and lower limbs to assist doctors in clinical diagnosis, so as to formulate a scientific treatment plan, Perlove Medical’s Dynamic Flatbed DR is just like a bridge connecting the modern medical technology with the local people’s medical needs.

PLX8600 Dynamic Flat Panel DR

Jilong Township, Shigatse City, Tibet Autonomous Region, is located on the border between China and Nepal. The special environment of high altitude, cold and low oxygen on the Tibetan Plateau has led to a higher incidence of local orthopedic diseases compared with other regions, and large bone joint disease, long bone disease and arthritis have become health problems that local people cannot ignore.

Rikaze Jilong County Central Hospital is like a compassionate guardian, quietly guarding the health of the local people. Recently, Perlove +Medical Dynamic Flatbed DR was put into use in Jilong County Central Hospital, which marks a new milestone in the field of diagnostic imaging for the hospital.

PLX8600 Dynamic Flatbed DR, as a high-end digital radiography system (DR) of Perlove Medical, has been widely recognized by the industry for its high-quality imaging, powerful functions and humanized design. Its introduction will undoubtedly greatly enhance the medical service level of Gyirong County Central Hospital, which is of far-reaching significance for improving the health and well-being of the local people.

Tibet Hospital Introduces Dynamic Flatbed DR

PLX8600 Dynamic Flatbed DR, independently developed by Perlove Medical , adopts an effective field of view of 17″*34″, and a single exposure can be used to obtain a full spine or full lower limb image. Compared with the DR equipment of multiple photography and then software splicing, PLX8600 solves the problems of uneven density, image alignment and magnification effect of spliced images, and brings a real large field of view image solution to the clinic.

Dynamic flat-panel DR images with large field of view

In addition to conventional static photography, Perlove’s dynamic flatbed DR has dynamic fluoroscopy and pointing function, which can well observe complex lesions, effectively capture key frames, and reduce the probability of patients taking multiple pictures. Such as: total spine status assessment, long bone joint mobility, lower extremity venography valve function assessment, digestive function assessment, spinal myelography and other large field of view clinical applications, “multi-faceted” can be easily dealt with.

It is worth mentioning that PLX8600 dynamic flat panel DR also has excellent durability and stability. In the plateau climate, large temperature differences, low air pressure, thin oxygen and other factors may have an impact on medical equipment. Plove Medical has taken these factors into consideration to ensure that the dynamic flat panel DR can work stably in harsh environments, which is crucial for safeguarding the daily operation of hospitals.

In addition, Perlove Medical not only provides advanced equipments, but also provides comprehensive technical support and services for hospitals. From installation and commissioning to post maintenance, the considerate service of the professional team ensured the smooth operation of the equipment, and also improved the operation skills and maintenance ability of the hospital staff.

Dynamic flat-panel DR installation and commissioning

Through this equipment upgrading, Jilong County Central Hospital has brought more convenient and efficient medical services to local residents while improving the diagnosis and treatment level. The input of PLX8600 dynamic flat-panel DR of Perlove not only injected new vitality into the plateau medical service, but also escorted the health of the local people, which demonstrated the perfect combination of modern medical science and technology and humanistic care.


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