Perlove Medical ERCP mobile C-arm machine helps hospitals carry out ERCP minimally invasive surgery


The full name of ERCP is endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (mobile C-arm machine). The examination method is to perform duodenoscopy. The endoscope detects the duodenal papilla, passes the guidewire through the papilla into the common bile duct and pancreatic duct, and performs angiographic examination. According to the image changes during the angiographic examination, it can be judged. Whether there are diseases in the bile duct and pancreatic duct, such as stones or tumors. At the same time, if common bile duct stones are found during examination, stone removal surgery can be performed to treat abdominal pain, jaundice, fever and other symptoms caused by common bile duct stones.

my country’s ERCP technology started in the early 1970s. After half a century of development and promotion, it has now become an important method for the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic and biliary diseases.

The improvement of hardware equipment, the gradual maturity of technology, and the cultivation of professional talents… are driven by multiple factors, making the development and clinical application of ERCP technology increasingly widespread and precise. As a national brand that has been deeply involved in medical imaging for more than 20 years, Perlove Medical contributes the power of “Intelligent Manufacturing in China” in promoting the development of ERCP technology.

The beauty of “minimally invasive” under precise imaging

Intraoperative images serve as doctors’ “combat map” and are responsible for providing doctors with real-time surgical vision and play an important role in ERCP treatment. Perlove Medical is committed to the research and development, production and sales of medical imaging equipment that meets different clinical needs. In order to support complex endoscopic surgeries, Perlove Medical has launched the ERCP mobile C-arm machine. They have the high-performance imaging capabilities required to perform minimally invasive surgeries such as ERCP, and can provide clear real-time images during surgery to assist doctors in precise treatment.

Perlove Medical ERCP mobile C-arm machine has been installed in many domestic medical institutions such as the Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, Nanjing Jiangning Hospital, Shandong Linyi County People’s Hospital, Guizhou Dejiang County People’s Hospital, etc., assisting hospitals in carrying out ERCP surgeries.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University:

Perlove Medical ERCP mobile C-arm machine application

Nanjing Jiangning Hospital:

Perlove Medical ERCP mobile C-arm machine application

Guizhou Dejiang County People’s Hospital:

Perlove Medical ERCP mobile C-arm machine application

Intraoperative imaging of Perlove Medical ERCP mobile C-arm machine

By serving overseas medical institutions, participating in international medical assistance projects, and conducting academic exchanges, Perlove Medical brings China’s medical imaging equipment and ERCP technology development achievements to broader overseas markets, allowing minimally invasive intervention to benefit more patients.

Advantages of ERCP mobile C-arm machine in ERCP surgery:

Broad field of view: 30cm*30cm large-size flat-panel detector can provide a larger field of view for surgical observation, allowing doctors to comprehensively observe the tissue surrounding the pancreatic and bile ducts.

High-definition images: Perlove Medical ERCP mobile C-arm machine can provide high-definition clinical images to help doctors more accurately determine the location, size and shape of lesions, and ensure precise surgery.

Convenient and efficient: fully electric five-dimensional motion control, the flat-panel detector can be raised and lowered, and the SID can be adjusted to bring the flat panel closer to the examination site to obtain clearer images; Perlove Medical ERCP mobile C-arm machine is equipped with interventional bedside control device to facilitate intraoperative equipment control and parameter adjustment.

Improve medical skills and educate talents

In order to promote the clinical application of interventional medicine and allow interventional medicine to benefit more patients, in 2020, Perlove Medical launched the “Interventional Journey” interventional training course. After four years of exploration, a standardized training system of “theory + observation + practical operation” has been constructed. In 2024, Perlove Medical added the “Intervention Thousand Miles Journey” ERCP special class, aiming to cultivate a group of medical professionals who master advanced ERCP technology through a teaching method that combines theory and practice. The special class not only provides comprehensive technical training, but also emphasizes the improvement of clinical thinking and teamwork skills to ensure that doctors can skillfully use ERCP technology in actual work.

Theoretical lectures

Hospital surgery observation

Perlove Medical’s ERCP mobile C-arm machine fully meets all requirements for ERCP surgery in terms of C-arm structural design, imaging quality, radiation dose and protection performance, and broad clinical application. The company is committed to technological innovation, the development of special class teaching and the enhancement of international exchanges, in order to promote the standardization and standardization of ERCP diagnosis and treatment, accelerate its widespread clinical application, improve the treatment efficiency and quality of pancreatic and biliary diseases, and allow more people to Patients enjoy high-quality diagnostic and treatment services!


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