Perlove Medical Fighting against COVID-19 with UN


On November 10, Perlove Medical successfully delivered 55 sets of mobile Digital X ray in order to fighting against COVID-19.

Perlove Medical take the opportunity to join this UN aid Africa Project  for fighting against COVID-19. We Perlove have participated in United Nations aid projects for many times and are the preferred supplier of United Nations COVID-19 prevention project .

During this epidemic,Perlove won the honorary title of “Excellent Anti-COVID-19 Enterprise” in terms of great contributions to helping 21 countries around the world, receiving a total of 219 urgent orders with a single order up to 215 units.

During the fight against COVID-19 ,Perlove mobile DR PLX5100 and PLX5200A are especially popular due to their fast and accurate imaging diagnosis .The imaging results are used to screen cases and continue to track patients’ conditions,which plays an key role for fast diagnosis.

Besides  perfect imaging diagnosis ,Perlove mobile DR’s outstanding advantages are as follow:

1. Meet all the special clinic diagnosis for isolation patient in ward, ICU, emergency room, respiratory department and CDC

2.Wireless FPD provides high-definition images, which could supportdoctors to reduce the possibility of misdiagnosis and precisely formulate treatment plans.

3.The mobile DR can move freely in the isolation ward to take fill examination of patients.

In that case,patients don t need to leave the ward which could avoid the spread of virus and cross-infection.Besides, the critically ill patients could be received timely treatment.

4.It s barrier free to transmit the image by wireless with PACS, giving big convenience to doctor for immediately diagnose.

No need special radiography room, rapidly detect and save precious rescue time.

Fighting against the COVID-19, Perlove will always be your solid backing !


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