Perlove Medical holds 10th interventional training course to help popularize interventional technology


On March 7, 2024, the intervention training course “Intervention for a Thousand Miles” jointly organized by Perlove medical care, Nanjing First Hospital and Nanjing Jiangning Hospital came to a successful end. Since September 2020, when it became the “Interventional Thousand Mile Journey Continuing Education Base”, Perlove Medical has continued to promote the comprehensive popularization of interventional medical knowledge and skills, and has successfully carried out ten interventional training courses so far.

Expert Teaching and Deep Communication

The expert team provided the participants with a number of theoretical courses such as “General Introduction to Interventional Medicine”, “Tumor Intervention”, “Peripheral Vascular Therapy”, “Non-vascular Intervention”, “ERCP Operation Practice” and “Case Sharing of Application of Perlove Medical Mobile Tablet Intervention”, etc. Combined with their own clinical experience, the expert lecturers provided the participants with the most comprehensive knowledge and skills in interventional medicine. Combined with their own clinical experience, the expert lecturers vividly explained the application and value of interventional therapy in the clinic and looked forward to its development prospect.

Immersive Surgical Observation

Participants of the 10th session experienced a special practical learning journey. They gathered at Nanjing First Hospital and observed several surgeries, including cerebral angiography, lower limb arteriography, lower limb venography, etc. They witnessed the whole process of experts inserting catheters into the affected area accurately through real-time image guidance, and every step of the operation appeared to be very precise.

ERCP Specialized Courses

In order to meet the knowledge needs of frontline clinics, this training course also added a special ERCP theory course and surgery observation session. Participants had the opportunity to come to Nanjing Jiangning Hospital to observe ERCP surgery, discuss difficult clinical problems with experts, and learn advanced techniques of ERCP surgery using interventional C-arm equipment.

Animal Practice

Under the guidance of the mobile plate interventional C, the trainees practiced the operation of animal teaching specimens, mastered the puncture and positioning techniques and the use of related instruments, and realized the deep understanding and integration of learning.

Practicing the mission of science and technology to take care of health, Perlove Medical will continue to work closely with major medical institutions to provide high-level medical skills training, contributing to the growth and development of domestic medical talents and enabling more people to enjoy high-quality medical services.


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