Perlove Medical Integrated Large size FPD C-arm is put into use in Jinan Hospital


Jinan Hospital was founded in 1975 and is affiliated to the Municipal Health Commission. It is a Grade II A comprehensive public hospital and has gone through 47 years of development. It is one of the first batch of provincial health promotion hospitals, a technical cooperation unit of the Beijing Rehabilitation Medicine Association, and a medical consortium cooperative hospital of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University. It is a university practical teaching hospital specializing in medicine, clinical medicine, rehabilitation therapy and other specialties.

The hospital newly purchased a integrated large mobile flat-panel C-arm from Perlove Medical. After installation and commissioning by engineers, it was successfully accepted and officially put into clinical use in June 2022. The put into use of this equipment marks the hospital’s first step in digital flat-panel high-definition imaging diagnosis in the field of orthopedic clinical surgery.

Perlove large flatbed integrated mobile C-arm is put into use in Jinan Hospital

Puai Medical’s large flat-panel integrated mobile C-arm uses a 30cm × 30cm flat-panel detector, which can provide doctors with a wider field of view and more comprehensive image information during surgery. When performing spinal surgery, one exposure can display the entire lumbar spine, avoiding repeated exposures due to incomplete imaging. This not only improves the efficiency of the surgery, but also prevents doctors from absorbing excessive radiation.

The large flat-panel integrated mobile C-arm adopts an integrated design, which combines the workstation and the C-arm into one, eliminating the cable connection between the two, and truly achieving a seamless connection between the workstation and the C-arm. Its smart design only Only one person is needed to move the equipment, while greatly saving floor space, effectively solving the problem of crowded operating room space and transportation equipment between operating rooms, providing doctors and patients with high-quality treatment while increasing surgical efficiency.

Perlove Integrated Large size FPD C-arm

Perlove Medical’s large flat-panel integrated mobile C-arm is put into use, which will provide reliable imaging support for surgeries in orthopedics, pain, neurosurgery, urology, interventional vascular surgery, hepatobiliary surgery and other professional fields, and protect more surgical patients.


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